Beauty Essentials Putting A Spring In My Step

Bronze Goddess Estée Lauder 

Spring is in the air...

About bloody time too! After what feels like the longest winter the sun has been a more than welcome sight. Plonk me in a beer garden with some pals and a beer and I'm as happy as Larry. Or, as was the case yesterday, drinks by the beach. I may have been drunk but I was sitting there having a little moment thinking about how beautiful life is and how lucky I am to be here. It's something I'll never take for granted!

It's funny that I get questions and emails about how to dress for winter because I don't even know. I just put on as many layers as possible and hope for the best. It's only because I live in England that my signature style tends to be ankle boots and coats, otherwise I'd be in little summer dresses all day long. I'm sure this is the case for most people but I'm definitely my best self when the weather is warm - I feel like anything is possible, I dress better, I'm (fake) tanned and generally jump from a 4 to a 7. With a little helping hand of course...

The Cruelty-Free, Vegan-Friendly Self Tan

Self Tanning Drops in Dark Isle of Paradise

I try to avoid jumping on every beauty launch bandwagon but this was one I had to join in on. I got the drops as you just add them to your usual moisturiser which appealed to the lazy girl in me. I added about 5-6 drops per limb (you can add 1-12 so I went straight down the middle) and there's no horrid biscuit smell which is always a bonus. It sinks in pretty quickly and doesn't stain your sheets unlike so many others. Best of all I was left with a natural looking colour- see evidence here. Unfortunately it sadly doesn't last for very long. I got about 2 days of this before it faded and I looked a mess which isn't ideal. It's better than other fake tans I've tried but not as good as my one true love. However it works amazingly well for your face! I add 2-3 drops to a serum or moisturiser and it gives such a natural, streak-free glow without fooking up my skin. I apply it roughly every two days and it's doing a fine job of making me look healthier than I feel (the only problem with these beer garden excursions!) 

The Mood-Boosting Make Up

I'm not really one for colour but even I can't resist when it comes in the form of this blue Kiko Nail Lacquer in 518. It looks so great with a tan but it's one that will suit everybody. Blue nails are a bit daunting but this isn't super bright, I think it looks quite chic actually and it's fun for summer. It's only £1 at the moment too! Definitely worth checking out Kiko polishes as they have every colour under the sun and they're the best on both the high street and high end in terms of longevity. 

The lipstick is an old favourite by Rosie for Autograph in Super Model Kiss. I'm surprised Rosie has gotten away with ripping off Charlotte Tilbury so much but I have to say the lipsticks are gorge. This is a slightly orangey-red, a summer update on my usual Chanel red. I've reviewed this before but suffice to say it'll be getting a lot of use over the next few months!

The Summer Scents

A forever summer fave is Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess - literally a heatwave in a bottle, but the nice kind like coconuts and oranges and florals rather than sweaty bus journeys and cut grass. My mama always gets me it too so it's extra special to me! See also Chanel's No5 L'Eau. This was a gift from my grandparents and I stupidly thought I'd lost it months ago but recently I found it again (in its box, on my dressing table.What a silly place to put it!) I'm glad it's back in my life as the citrus and floral notes are definitely putting a spring in my step.

What are your favourite beauty essentials when the sun comes out? 

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