A Week in Pictures #1

Well, almost - it's six days, so it's near enough! Remember when everyone used to do these posts? I loved them, so thought I'd bring them back on here.

A very chilled out day mainly spent rereading The Picture of Dorian Gray. I think classics can be a little bit daunting sometimes but Oscar Wilde's wit just draws you in. He was such an original!

Tuesday was such a busy day! I started off at the CF Trust's offices to have a little chat about some cool things they're doing, then with the rest of the day ahead of me went on a little wander around London. I went to see St Paul's as I'd never seen it in the 'flesh'. It's magnificent isn't it? Then I went to the Tate Modern, some of it impressed me but much of it didn't - I'll be doing a full post on what I saw very soon! Then I ended the day at the Imperial War Museum, I grew up down the road from it so spent a lot of time there in the past. It's changed quite a lot but it's still as informative and interesting as it used to be so I'm going to head back soon as I didn't have enough time to see it all. 

On Wednesay I went to Camberwell as Florence and the Machine were doing a little gig at The Joiner's Arms. Sadly we got almost to the front when the venue reached full capacity so we didn't get in, but on the plus side it was very lovely to meet Liv in the queue and afterwards I still had a really fun evening so it wasn't wasted (although I might have been, oops.)

Aforementioned antics meant that Thursday was a bit of a write off but with it being so hot I've been pretty knackered anyway so it was nice to just spend the day reading in the garden with Freddydog for company. 

On Friday morning I woke up and couldn't see out of my eye for some reason so I went off to Moorfield's A&E super early where they were so great! I got seen really quickly and they sorted me out so I can see again, yay! Then I went off to Harefield for a chat about my brain, I felt a little sad when I left so I went to see the doggies at the Dog's Trust nearby. You'd think it'd make you sad seeing the pups without homes but the place is always so busy they don't often wait for very long before they get a family to live with. There were even some that had popped in to say hello to the staff so they could see how well they were doing! My fave was a little old lady who came in with a dog called Douglas(!) that she'd adopted and you could tell how much they loved each other which absolutely made my day. I also went for a wander up the road, as there's a gang who live there in tents protesting about HS2 so I wanted a little chat with them to find out more as I don't know much about it. Then I went to the Accessorize sale and picked up some bits, including these little earrings. I'll show you the rest of the jewellery I've bought recently as I've been on a bit of a spree!

I was feeling quite ill yesterday so again, it was super relaxed. I just watched the football (after a mild panic over a broken TV!) and took Freddy out as the sun was setting. I'm so obsessed with these gorgeous summer skies! 

I hope you've had a fabulous week! What have you been up to? 


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