What I Wore #1

So I stopped doing these style diary things for a bit because I felt they looked a bit naff! That old comparison bug kicked in for a little while, but I personally love seeing lookbooks and weekly outfit vlogs by the likes of the gorgeous Liv, Emma and Lizzy. These blog posts aren't half as good or profesh as those but I like to think the blogging world is big enough to fit me and my mirror #ootd's in there somewhere haha!


Sunnies H&M Top H&M Skirt Primark (alternative hereShoes Next Kids (alternative hereEarrings Accessorize (now on sale!Bag South Beach (alternative here)

God bless being able to fit into children's shoes!


Dress Miss Selfridge Shoes Superga via Depop Bag Charity shop 

Because I couldn't choose between Gen Z yellow and millenial pink I got me a dress that does both.


Dress Primark (alternative here) Shoes Superga via Depop Bag South Beach (alternative here)

This dress is beginning to bobble, proving why it only cost a tenner, but I'm so obsessed with the colour and polka dots that I'm praying it'll last me the rest of the summer before it gets confined to the rag box. 


T-Shirt Haim Tour

A bit of a cheat outfit as not pictured are the jogging bottoms - you know it's a bad day when I get those out! A day of pain and exhaustion which seem to follow times when I've done a lot of walking. I walk absolutely everywhere now just because these lungs let me and I run also(!) but it seems the rest of my body is like 'Wahhhh, what are you doing?' haha. Anyway, I got this top and me and my cousin were debating whether I could get it because I don't have a sister. We concluded that I could be her honorary sister and also it could be a feminist statement but it was only the other day I remembered that I have three brothers so I am their sister. I am the sister. So dumb! But moving on, all of Haim's merch is top notch - others should definitely take note. I also got this top, because how could I not? 


Playsuit Topshop (alternative hereSandals GAP (alternative hereSunnies H&M Bag Charity shop Earrings ASOS

This might be one of my favourite outfits ever, this playsuit is the comfiest thing and it has pockets. The sandals however are still hurting after nearly three summers of wear, they're just so mean.


Top Florence and the Machine merch Culottes Zara (alternative here) Shoes Superga via Depop

A top that reps both my favourite singer and more importantly my lil niece Florrie! Made a hungover sick day a lot more bearable. 


Dress Kate Moss x Topshop via Depop (alternative here) Shoes Superga via Depop

A old dress but new to me, that I got for a song! I've wanted this dress for years so I'm super pleased to have finally got my hands on it. I know it's not in store any more but I think I might do a post on my little Kate Moss x Topshop pieces because I love them so much!

Hopefully you'll find some outfit inspiration here for the week! How are you finding it dressing for this heatwave? It's beginning to feel like a struggle for me haha!


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