September Goals

So I didn't want to start this post with that clichéd line about that back-to-school feeling you get in September...

...but of course I am. It's unavoidable. I think no matter how many years it's been since you set foot in an educational setting September brings about feelings of a fresh start and new goals and general excitement and good intentions. I feel more motivated now than I do at New Year, mainly because for me the first day of January is generally spent trying not to vomit because of a horrendous hangover whilst simultaneously picking at the rest of the previous night's buffet food. That alone is challenging enough, I don't have the headspace to be thinking about what I want out of life when all I can concentrate on is whether that suspicious lone spring roll is safe to eat or not (I always risk it anyway.) 

But also I am still in education, so that new term feeling is legit (let's just forget the fact I don't start again until October...) I'm going into my last year of my course, something that I wasn't able to do the first time I went to uni so I'm feeling very grateful right now. I believe that over the summer I allowed myself to get into a negative frame of mind, in fact I find myself feeling less positive at times than I ever did pre-transplant which sounds absolutely ridiculous to say but there you go. I am putting it down mainly to the drugs, they're powerful - they work hard to stop your body rejecting the new organs, which isn't an easy job, so of course they come with not so desirable side effects which is the trade off. But equally I know that there are things that I can do to help myself, I know I need to work harder to look after my brain, which I didn't realise before because post-transplant life is so very different to pre. As people say, it's like dealing with a whole new health condition. But I'm three years in now and finally working out what's good for me and I'm sure that blogging is exactly that. Without a doubt it helped me during those years when I was really ill. Writing helps to process emotions, offers a distraction from negative feelings and helps me set goals for myself. When I write I tend to go with the flow with no proper direction and this is when light bulb moments occur because it's like I access thoughts from deep inside my brain that offer a different perspective and changes my thought processes. Maybe that sounds a bit deep, but basically what I'm getting at is that although this is a hobby for me it's not always just a frivolous thing. 

So, here are the things I'd like to do in September

01. Get started on my dissertation. Really I should have started at the beginning of summer. I've had ideas floating around but for some reason or other I just haven't been able to get started with research etc. I say for 'some reason', I was just out having fun and that's it but now it's time to knuckle down which I think I'll find a lot easier now I'm back in Brighton. 

02. Continue reading. Well I guess this goes hand in hand with the above but I hope I can find the time to sit down with some novels too. I've been consciously leaving my phone in the other room or not taking my earphones with me on train journeys so that I pick up a book instead. I have twenty more books to read so that I reach my Goodreads goal of 50 books this year, which sounds challenging but it's doable because I'm going to make the effort. 

03. List items on Depop, eBay and Vesitiare Collective. I've had the Big Clear Out and now I have three black bags full of clothes waiting to be uploaded to be sold. A big task but an important one, nice clothes don't deserve to be unworn so hopefully once that's done they'll be off to a loving new home!

04. Go to Oxford to see Henna! My number one goal is to go and see the number one girl. I've been saying it all summer that I'm going to go and I don't want to be someone who doesn't deliver on promises. I'm super keen to visit the place and also just have the most hilarious time. 

05. Brush up on my IT skills. IT was never my strong point, mainly because I never used to turn up for lessons and as a result didn't even get a GCSE in it - curse my younger self for thinking she knew best! I know the basics to get by but I need to improve because it'll be super helpful in the future. 

All in all I'm v v excited for September and I'm looking forward to seeing what it brings! What do you have planned? 


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