Twinkle Toes.

Dressing from the feet up...

...because I was in a real shiny shoes mood. I have barely worn these pumps, which is a real shame because they're so pretty! But I have always had a thing for silver shoes, they go with almost every outfit and these in particular are great because being metallic they dress up a casual outfit such as this but at the same time can dress down something fancier as they're flats. They make me feel nostalgic for my early days of fashion blogging as I wore silver shoes a lot, probably partly inspired by Alexa Chung but also because I truly loved them. 

I've been thinking a lot lately about personal style and how much I've bought over the past year in particular as a result of outside influences. I recently had a huge clear out before I moved house and shockingly filled up four black bags full of clothes and shoes that I no longer wanted. This may be normal for some people but it's certainly not for me and it gave me the ick factor. I'm certain that about 70% of those purchases were inspired by Instagram which is just ridiculous. I credit blogging with helping me to refine my personal style, in the early days I feel like there was less pressure to always have new and people would also document an outfit maybe a few times a week. The vibe was just a lot slower. But of course the pace quickened and today instagram has created a monster. Daily posting means we are bombarded with the new constantly and personally I find it overwhelming. I think over the last year or so it's meant my style has become less defined, I mean it's good to be inspired and venture out of your comfort zone but it's not always sustainable for both my bank account and the planet. I need to remember what fits into my lifestyle, not some instagram hun's. 

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