february intentions.

It's the month of lurve...

...so I'm going to be treating myself in the way that I deserve. I've been procrastinating less and using my time more wisely to prioritise certain things rather than endlessly scrolling through social media. Now I somehow have found the time to do the things that I love that I always said I didn't have time for previously - funny that! In fact, so far this year I think I've been quite selfish when it comes to looking after me but it's been very peaceful keeping my head down and putting myself first. It's a difficult thing balancing preserving your own mental health whilst still having space to be there for others and I for sure don't always get it right. But certainly people don't deserve to live in your head rent-free and whilst I hate hate hate the idea of human relationships being 'transactional', people who drain all of your energy without topping it up have to go. Relationships all go through periods where the balance is tipped one way or the other, but I have noticed with some that it always seems to be uneven. There has to be some kind of equilibrium sometimes in order for relationships to work. People who need the most love are often the hardest to be around and I'm not talking about ditching those who are going through a tough time or labelling everyone toxic. Instead I've been thinking about boundaries and behaviours I'm willing to accept or not and I've been feeling a lot more free ever since.

So, with that being said, here are five things I'm doing for me this month:

1. Blog more. Is this not on this list every time? I'll be doing plenty of uni writing over the next couple of months but as writing is something I really enjoy I'd like to do it in a non-academic way that isn't being graded. Photography and design isn't my strong point but I'd like to sharpen my writing style. I also find that if I write here the words flow easier for my essays as I'm *inthezone*.

2. Read Little Women. It's been on my list for years but now I actually have to read it for uni for a fun project on the movie versions, the book, nostalgia and of course a bit of fashion. 

3. Go and see some exhibitions. I don't think I saw any in January which is just not on! I'm not sure what I want to see yet, definitely the ones at the V&A but I'd also like to visit a museum I haven't been to before. In fact, I'd like to make that a regular monthly goal to visit somewhere new!

4. Embrace colour a little more. Clothes-wise I prefer neutrals simply because it's more sustainable - it's easier to pair pieces together and I'm far less likely to get bored of the novelty. But there are certain colours that make me feel so joyful - those dusky pinks, cornflower blue, that lovely Matisse blue (you know the one), certain shades of yellow. I'd like to incorporate them in small ways in my bedroom, there's definitely scope to add a few accessories here and there to make it a space that I find very beautiful and enjoyable to be in. And who knows, I may go wild and throw in a pop of colour in my outfits from time to time :P

5. Buy some storage for my room. My room was unfurnished and it has no drawers or cupboards. I've not invested much into this room really apart from my bed as I've not been here that often but I think I'll be here lots over the next couple of months working so would like to get some storage to hide the distracting clutter. Plus that means I probably have to make an IKEA trip, ugh how annoying ;)

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