march intentions.

January dragged, yet somehow we're in March...

...frightening! To quickly recap on February's intentions; I blogged 3x, which was a slight improvement. I did not read Little Women but read plenty of dissertation research so if you're after book recommendations on how Native American clothing influenced Euro-American dress in the 1890s I'm your gal. I saw one exhibition only at Brighton Museum, it was the Anita Corbin: 100 First Women Portraits which was great but really highlighted the lack of diversity. I've definitely embraced colour more, my room is possibly a little too pink but it's my favourite and I'm loving my little space right now. I did also get a little storage for my room, I still need some more but it was a start. But mainly I think my main achievement so far has been about staying true to myself and living a bit more authentically. There's things I don't want to delve too deeply into, but I'm feeling more comfy in myself and doing what I want to do without thinking that it's 'wrong' or worrying what others might think as really it's none of their business anyway. I've been embracing certain things instead of trying to suppress them or change and it's like a weight has been lifted and I'm so much happier. I feel like I have clearer boundaries too because I'm no longer afraid to set them. In short, everything's coming up Milhouse it seems. 

So to continue with the positivity, here's my intentions for March:

1. Get my dissy done! I've obviously been working on it but I think March and April has to be hardcore study time, which is fine. I'm actually looking forward to it because it's an achievement isn't it? 

2. Go to the cinema. My aim is once a month, I'm lucky that if I want to I can just go on a weekday afternoon which is quite the novelty. 

3. Refine my style. I've lost my way little as it's been so cold but I think I need to make a moodboard and reexamine looks that I've always loved. I've gained a lot of much needed weight over the past six months and am at a healthy point without the help of machines and supplements which is SO GREAT. But it just means a lot of things no longer fit or suit me anymore so I need a little rejig. 

4. Stick to a morning routine. I was great at sticking to this for most of this year but then last week I got ill and it all went out the window. I need to get back into it because the impossible happened as I actually kind of became a morning person??

5. Get planning for Gdansk. I'm going for my birthday so need an itinerary! Reccies would be much welcomed :)


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