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Powder Blue
 River Island Light Blue Leather Biker Jacket £120 | Topshop Boutique Brushed Mohair Jumper £70 | Zara Pastel Coloured Faux Leather Zip Jacket £69.99 | Marks And Spencers Limited Edition Pointed Toe Monk Boots £45 | H&M Chambray Pyjamas £24.99 | ASOS Fluffy Cocoon Coat £85

You know everyone's like 'Waaahhh January Blues' blahblahblahhhh but these are blues to get happy about! This is such a gorgeous colour, it used to be the colour of my room but since I got it all done in white I'm kinda missing this shade in my life. The pyjamas are a complete luxury for someone who's whole jimjam drawer consists of Primark Christmas presents but chic are they? The Topshop fluffy knit is on my wishlist because, y'know, FLUFFY and I'd really like the ASOS coat in all three colours please. I think the boots are a bit hit and miss but I saw them in real life and thought they were awesome...M&S have taken some risks with their shoes the past few seasons and I really think it's a fab place to find some unique shoes that look designer. Finally, a leather jacket. Pastel leather is something that's been hovering around for a while now but I think it's going to really take off this year...leather is a lot more mainstream than it used to be and whilst black is always a classic getting something in a different shade is a real modern way to wear it. The River Island one is a good un because it's real but there's something about the Zara one that's taken my heart, despite my reservations about faux leather. I actually tried this on in store but I could barely move in the M. Don't you find that Zara leather jackets come up teeny? (Watch everyone be like erm no, it's just you and your man shoulders. Awkward.) Anyway, I'm seriously considering making this one of my 5 Pieces if I find a larger size but I don't want to rush into anything...I kind of feel it's too early to be making choices, if it's going to take up a precious space then I want to be sure about it. On the other hand, something like this is sure to sell out and then I'll be sad. I do have a million coats and jackets but they are such an easy way to update an outfit! I'm just not sure...what do you guys think?

Josie x


  1. Ain't nothing on the news but the blues! I really like the RI one and yes Zara jackets do run hella small! I am tempted to get one but I'm just not sure how long it will last me!? Decisions, decisions...

    Tara xo

  2. I love pastel tones, but I tend to veer more towards lilacs and mints and pinks. I love the idea of baby blue though, and when it's combined with a more masculine style, like a biker jacket or an oversized coat, it looks really cool! xx

  3. I love the colour blue, that Topshop jumper looks so cosy :) xx

  4. You're right! Zara jackets are tiny! I do love that River Island one though:D

  5. Yes, I agree! They are super small for some reason. I adore those cool blue shoes, very lovely :) xxx

  6. I think you should go for the jacket. It is one of those versatile pieces that can be worn with jeans or over a super chic evening look.
    I need those pajamas in my now!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  7. Oooooh the pajamas <3 I think I love the shoes though. I'd be crazy about not getting them dirty though.

  8. go for the jacket! It's perfect and will look gorgeous when you can start wearing more summery clothes too! love the look of the Topshop jumper too, bet it is soooooo snug xx

  9. I really love this colour! A girl can never have any coats and one of these will be lighter for spring/summer... as good a reason as any I say ;-)

    Have always fancied a coloured leather jacket, my top two choices would be hot pink or cobalt but I'm not quite convinced I could totally pull it off ha!

    Sophie xox soinspo

  10. OMG!!! Those jackets are all so pretty. I also love their colors for honestly I love blue shades =) I think I wanna check on the pajamas for it looks comfy to wear when sleeping.

  11. They are so pretty! i have a light blue jacket that I had completely forgotten about till I read this! Reminded me why light blue is such a lovely colur to wear xx

  12. Yep out of the two I'd definitely go for the zara jacket, it's gorgeous! Love the Asos coat too :) xx

  13. This is such a gorgeous colour. I don't usually wear blue but this shade is amazing
    Lucia's Loves

  14. I'm really keen on this pastel blue, it's my favourite for nails too. The RI leather jacket is awesome. xxx

  15. Love them all! But that Topshop jumper... I wish I could put it on right now!! Blue is said to be one of the fashionable colours of 2014, so bring it on! Haha
    Really liked your blog, Josie. Will be following you.

    If you like decoration, visit mine:

    Ángela xx


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