FASHION | All Black And Dicker Boots

Coat - ASOS (similar here)| Jumper - H&M | Trousers - H&M (similar here)| Boots - Isabel Marant | Bag - Mulberry | Necklace - Etsy

Hallo! This is an old outfit from a couple of weeks ago but I wanted normal outfit posting to resume! I wore this when I went to TGI Friday's with my friend, I dunno what they put in their food but I'm always absolutely stuffed by the end of dinner. Still got a pudding though, always gotta get an ice cream. I struggled to finish, I was like that kid with the cake in Matilda but I did it and I was proud, even if I did feel like I was gonna faint. Anyway I always thought these boots looked kind of wrong worn with black, I'm still not sure if it works. But I'm trying to wear these more, paid enough for them! As long as it's not raining I'm going to try and get more use out of them. 

I went shopping yesterday, I wanted to buy all the things. I tried on the dress of my dreams in Zara but it made me look like a man haha, so gutted because I wanted it to be my burfday outfit. I also got stuck in it when I was taking it off, that was 30 seconds of pure panic I tell you. But I did get one present for someone and the trainers that I wanted so I'm happy, can't wait to style them (with er, jeans and grey jumper...I'm not a very creative soul.) Betty the Frenchie was at my house when I got home being puppysat(?) She's my stepdad's daughter's new puppy and she's just so sweet. Freddy however is not a fan because he's an old crank. He was getting very jealous too, he's basically put an end to mine and my mum's dream of getting another puppy. I don't mind too much though, Freddy is my baby, he's currently lying with his head on my lap being all snuggly and cute and I couldn't really ask for more could I?

Josie x


  1. So pretty :)

  2. I really love your boots too, such a great pair:) I think they would go well with anything:) You look so chic on those photographs, I also like your coat and pants:)
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  3. Those boots are gorge! *_* I think they are a nice accent to an all black outfit :) xx

  4. If I had those boots, I'd wear them everyday with everything! :D And can't wait to see the trainers, Josie.

  5. The boots totttalllly work! I love them. What size are they? Bahahaha!

    Tara x

  6. Eep, so Freddy doesn't want a new, little pup friend then! xxx

  7. Those Isabel Marant boots are utterly dreamy! And just so timlesss!

    Hope you're feeling a little better and on the mend (shopping always helps!) xx

  8. Cute outfit.
    Loving the colour contrast with your hair too.

    Keep it up!
    A I N A K W M T

  9. Aah you've gotta make room for dessert when you go out to eat! I love your bag and boots :) xx

  10. very nice! i do believe it works providing a sweet contrast. So glad you're better.
    As for another puppy... my elder Raido didn't like the idea of second dog in house at first. But now they don't basically need anyone else, they are bros

    Inside and Outside Blog

  11. Really glad your home Josie. I cannot believe everything that happened during your hospital stay! Lucky you know what you are doing! And I am glad you made a complaint about the cleaner, that is absolutely ridiculous!!!! I hope Freddy is looking after you well, and enjoying having you home. Maybe he will come round to another puppy one day :-) xxxx

  12. black is always a good idea, you look great!
    happy day!

  13. you look incredible! so envious of your stunning boots! xxx

  14. you look sooooo pretty in these pics! Glad you're home now and planning important things like a shopping spree - you've deffo earnt one! xx

  15. Love this whole outfit, you look great! Haha I can totally relate to that dressing room panic, such a nightmare and the thought of having to shout the sales assistant to come and rescue you is so embarrassing! So glad you're home and feeling better :) xx

  16. Aww good old Freddy hehe! Ha, I agree with your outlook on phd, it just has to be done right?!

    Love the boots & I think you're rocking it with the black <3

    Sophie xo


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