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I like my clothes to be multitasking...I'm not a fan of buying something to wear solely for a night out (mainly because a night out is a rarity these days *sob*) so I like things that can be worn for during the day time too. When Warehouse kindly offered me a dress from their gorgeous range I went for this lovely skater style (which has since appeared to have sold out online, but I've seen plenty in store!) Even though it's in my usual hue of black this dress is somewhat out of my comfort zone...first of all it's a dress which is different because I'm so attached to my denim. Also it's quite bodycon with a drop waist my not typical thing! Even though I chose it when I first opened it I was a bit afraid but it was actually a whole lot easier to style than I originally thought. 


Jacket - Zara | Sweater - Uniqlo Men's | Dress (worn as skirt) - c/o Warehouse | Shoes - GAP

Yep, I'm pale but I'm not sorry (never know why people apologise for's your skin colour, why the hell should you apologise for that??) As I'm not much of a girly girl in my usual day to day outfits I didn't want to wear heels or ballet pumps for my day look so went for my favourite skate shoes to really dress it down. I wasn't sure it'd work but I like it! And I layered a sweater and my trusty leather on top because for me body con is a little too much for day time.


Dress - c/o of Warehouse | Shoes - ASOS

Now this is the look I was quite worried about...I really don't like tight things on me, with the exception of skinny jeans. But this is that fab, sucky-in material (I'm sure it has a proper name) that makes the dress a lot more flattering than I'd originally thought. Putting on a dress and heels (if you can call them that...I'm sure there's plenty of girls looking at my kitten heels and laughing at me!) is about as girly as I can get so I left my hair messy and make up minimal. I could have added jewellery to change things up a bit but I think the shape of the dress itself is enough drama for me. 

So despite being a bit unsure at first I love it now and it's a strong contender to be the birthday dress (although maybe not for the meal...I need as much room as I can for that haha!) I have to be honest Warehouse wasn't really a brand I looked at until I got my jacket a few months ago and I think they've really upped their game! Although my dress has sold out I recommend checking out what else they've got to offer...I really love this and this in particular!

Josie x


  1. Oooh, look at you! ;) The shape of this dress is lovely and it definitely works for both day and night. Hear hear! For not apologising for your natural skin colour.

    Tara xo

  2. nice dress and I like the shoes!

  3. Loving the entire look :D

    I like the shape of your dress !!

    Got a new post up and can’t wait to see your opinion!

    Happy Week!


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  4. I love the dropped waist on you, it really shows off your legs and the full skirts is amaze.
    I think you have styled it awesomely, I'm scared of too tight things as well, but I don't think you have any worries :)

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  5. Ugh I know, I am super pale and used to apologise for it ... but what the hell for? I have now accepted that this is the COLOUR OF MY SKIN and embrace it fully. One time I was sitting next to a guy on the bus, and he looked at me and said, "are you sick? You're so pale..." SO RUDE AND DOUCHEY.

    Anyway! BEAUTIFUL dress and you have styled it so well!

  6. This dress looks great on you, Josie! And yeah....never apologize for being pale, gurrrrl!

  7. The dress looks beautiful on you Josie, I like the fit. Looks even better with the jacket. Don't apologize for paleness, I live in a country where that was used as a superiority in the past :o

  8. I'm really pale too, but I actually quite like being pale! It's a lovely dress, Josie - I think you look great in everything though! <3 xxx

  9. This is such a great shape of dress for you Josie! As if you a free Warehouse dress- you lucky thing :) As somewhat of a tomboy for day wear, I love the first look the best...the skate shoes and leather really give it an edge.
    Daisy xxx

  10. It looks so cool on you, something I could never achieve with a dress- I'd always look young or girly, but never effortlessly cool like you! I love the daytime look, it's awesome that you can style this dress two ways :) xx

  11. Love this dress! Looks so good worn casually, but i think everything can look good with that leather jacket <3 And here's to pale skin! No apologies needed, I once had a bit of a breakdown because the lightest shade foundation was too dark:') Great post!

    Anna xx

  12. Beautiful! Love both looks, especially the daytime one <3

    Jennie xo |

  13. I think this may be the first time I've seen you in a dress? It looks great! I really like it with the jacket :) And there's definitely no need to apologise for being pale, I've never understood why it's such an issue for some people either xx

  14. I love Warehouse! Beautiful dress and Love it with the sweater combo too. xxx

  15. love the shape of the dress! Really suits you, I always forget about Warehouse but think I'll go check them out again now xx

  16. I'm crushing on those heels, so pretty! I agree, I hate things that are tight and constricting on me also, so it's great that this dress has a much nicer feel. It would definitely make for the perfect party/birthday dress <3

    Warehouse are looking fab right now; I've never bought much from there but recently in YOU magazine I saw this gorgeous white maxi dress, all boho & floaty! I'm definitely on the hunt for it haha.

    Sophie xo


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