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I popped into the gorgeous Aesop store in Covent Garden way back in January, with no intention of making any purchases...I was only supposed to be looking. But of course, I got talking to one of the lovely sales ladies and before I knew it I was handing over £25 for a body scrub...quelle surprise! Or maybe not, considering my addiction to all things bodycare. I tend to stick to the same products when it comes to make up but I'm obsessed with trying new things for bath time and scrubs happen to be my favourite.

So let's start with first impressions...I think the packaging looks great and is different to other products but if I'm honest I prefer scrubs in a pot so I can get the exact amount I want (I always squeeze too much out of the tubes!) The scent is lovely, not fruity or floral but rather leafy and quite masculine too I'd say, which I really like. The texture is gel-like so at first I thought it wouldn't be gritty enough for my liking but it actually has quite a sandy texture that's great at buffing away rough skin without leaving it red and sore. After a couple of uses the texture of my skin has definitely improved (although I have a while to go, all the antibiotics I was on when I was ill played absolute havoc with my skin and hair!) 

I do love it, however I wouldn't repurchase. It's a great product but I feel you can get ones that are just as good for cheaper and it doesn't come anywhere close to my beloved & Other Stories scrubs which definitely have Holy Grail status! It's just a nice treat to have that looks cute in your bathroom and I think it'll last me a good while as a little goes a long way. 

Josie x


  1. Ahhh I love body scrub too! Currently, I'm using coconut body scrub. Do you like this product?? xx

  2. ah i haven't tried aesop! really want to x

  3. £25 is a lot for scrub! I do like the packaging though, although I too prefer scrubs in pots. You always have the most beautiful skin anyway Josie, I can't imagine it at 100% haha. You'd probably glow. ;)

    Tara x

  4. I'm rubbish with bathtime products aha - I think I'm too cheap! I agree with Tara though, you have lovely skin! xxx

  5. Thanks for this honest review, Josie. TBH, for body scrubs, I don't really spend that much money just coz I use so much of it in one go that a tube would probably only last me two uses:P

  6. I love more masculine fragrances for body washes and scrubs, I find the floral ones way too overpowering. I'm bad though because I never buy this sort of stuff for myself, just use the ones I get for Christmas all year round :)

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  7. I've heard so much about Aesop! I love good body scrubs. I adore the typography on that bag.

  8. I love the look of Aesop products, I'm dying to try out their cleansers and masks. I might give this a miss though, I love my Korres fig body scrub to the ends of the earth. The bags they give you are so cute though! xx

  9. Soap and Glory body scrubs are always my to-go! I always prefer pot scrubs too. Shame it wasn't that amazing in the end! xxx

  10. You don't mind paying £25 if you love it but I agree the & other stories scrubs are fab, you're so lucky you're a Londoner, I would be in there all the time if I lived near one! Also I spotted that Una Brennan cleansing oil that I saw on your blog a few months ago when I was shopping yesterday, you are so right it smells like a cleaning product..... why didn't i listen too you!! xxx

  11. I've always got new body stuff & skin care on the go too! I'm more wary about trying new makeup because my skin seems to be sensitive to certain ingredients & I end up breaking out! £25 is a lot for a scrub, but I think if you love it then it's worth it, but it's a shame it was a bit meh for that price. I really need to try the & Other Stories body/skin stuff, keep hearing so many great things & always forget to go in & check them out when I'm in London!

  12. Even the packaging is beautiful! <3 I love trying out new beauty products

    Lost in the Haze

  13. The name of this sounds gorgeous in itself! <3

    The packaging is very pretty and I like it doesn't fall into the 'floral or fruit' category like so many products do!

    Sophie xo


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