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Jacket - Zara | Shirt - Zara | Trousers - H&M | Shoes - Gap

So-oh-oh...non-lazy photos again, although my battery was dying so they're not very clear. It said 'Battery Exhausted', exhausted how dramatic is that? But I am exhausted too, I'm not sure what's up but I have zero energy even for blogging which explains why things have been a little quieter around here lately. Anyway this was a lazy outfit (but when are my outfits ever not lazy?) to go to the hospital, I remember when I got this shirt in the sale last year and I was gonna wear it all the time and I think I've worn it like twice. My bad.

But I did go to the cinema with my friend to see The Quiet Ones, it was a British horror which just made it worse for me because it's like 'That's my country, that thing could come to my house!' We always go to see horrors and I'm there under my coat with my hands over my ears not being a Quiet One saying 'I wanna go home, I wanna go home' and my friend just sits there every time so casual, sipping her milkshake. 

But anyway, Happy Easter Sunday! I've had it good this Bank Holiday, I only had to work yesterday. Today all the family are coming round and we're having an Easter Egg hunt for the kids, I may just have to join in.

Josie x


  1. I love a good horror film. Hubby isn't that keen so I don't watch them at the cinema.

    I hope you find lots of eggs! Good luck.

  2. That shirt is v chic! I hate horror films unless they're fantasy horror like Pans Labyrinth...Happy Easter! Have a lovely day today with the kids.

    Tara x

  3. You really absolutely must join in!! Go get your hands on those chocolate eggs : )

    Have a lovely weekend

    Faded Windmills

  4. You look so beautiful in these photos, love your outfit especially those slip ons. I'm not easily frightened by horror movies but I only just heard that this one was based on a true story eeep. Hope you're having a wonderful Easter weekend too! xx

  5. All my outfits are lazy too....:D
    And I never watch horrors in the cinema coz I know I'd probably get kicked out for screaming. I only watch them at home now.

  6. I relate on the zero energy front! Happy Easter Josie xx

  7. Love your shoes :)

    Claudia xxx

  8. Loving your shoe choice as always! That's what I always do at horror films too haha why do we put ourselves through it?! Happy Easter egg hunting! xxx

  9. You have to join in with the Easter egg hunt really, it must be done! I've just eaten a slab of fudge - good times! Happy Easter to you Josie <3 xxx

  10. Hope you had a good easter sunday! I love that shirt :)

    Julia xxx

  11. Oh very cute jacket!

  12. Hey sorry to hear you have been feeling exhausted! I have CF too and have been very tired today! ( Maybe its been all the anticipation of the Easter bunny coming...) Anyway I hope you start to feel a little bit better soon :) Lucy xx

  13. Wishing you a very happy Easter girl! <3

    I really love the button detailing on the shirt; so elaborate and pretty. The necklace adds the perfect finish to it too! I love the skate shoes, they look so rad on you. I keep considering a pair but I don't know if I could rock them correctly (if at all haha!) the silver metallic ones in Office keep catching my eye though ;-)

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend, it's lovely that you did an egg hunt, can't beat those (: I'm just like you with horror films haha... slightest scare and I'm under my seat!! And I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling good, fingers crossed you feel better asap <3

    Sophie xo

  14. hope you did join in the easter hunt! i hate horrors but love to scare myself (because i know it's only a film haha only thing i could ever do to scare myself) love your hair colour atm xo

  15. Ah I wanna watch horror movie too! Have you ever watched "The Orphanage"? In Spanish version though, it scared the fuck out of me looool However love your shoes, love its texture! <3 xx

  16. The film sounds scary, but cool... I might have to recruit a friend to come with me and cower in the darkness with me. Great outfit as usual, so cool and I love those shoes! xx


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