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Jacket - Zara (old) | Tee - Uniqlo Men's | Denim - Zara | Boots - Zara | Earrings - Gift from friend | Watch - Next (Birthday present from ma mere)

Back to mirror selfies...I know, I suck at blogging! But to be honest I like doing pics like these, I feel so awkward when I try and take proper photos...I have no clue how to stand or anything like that and I always end up looking like such a noob! This outfit is nothing special but I live in denim, grey tees and my leather jacket at the moment, the only thing that changes are my shoes (which are either one of my many pairs of sneakers or these wonderful boots.)

I haven't been blogging much because I'm still very tired, it's like next level tiredness and I don't know why. I have energy to work and do all my CF treatment but that's it, like I'm too tired to even play Candy Crush haha. It's gotten so bad that I'm falling asleep on buses and tubes...what if someone steals my stuff? It doesn't feel like a CF thing but it's been going on for like a month so if it carries on I think maybe I should call the hospital!

Anyway this weekend I am home alone, it'll be just me and Freddydog. My parents are away in Spain until Wednesday and people keep asking me if I'm gonna be ok but I have the pup-pup, Game of Thrones Season Two and a whole load of unread Vogues so I think I'm gonna be juuuuuuust fine. I'm actually really looking forward to having the time to myself because I can be such a hermit! I also think I'm going to streamline my wardrobe a bit more as things have gotten a bit crazy again!

Josie x


  1. Love this outfit, especially those awesome boots! I quite enjoy having the house to myself too. Hope you have a great weekend and that you're enjoying Game of Thrones :) xx

  2. I actually bought my first grey tee the other day (shocking, I know) and I've already worn it two days on the trot. Might make it a third tomorrow; I can now see why they're such a fave staple! And that sounds like my perfect tbh! Love nothing better than being a hermit, except I'd swap in the Vogues for food haha

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  3. Loooove these boots!
    It will probably be a nice to have a weekend for yourself, some alone-time can be pretty good :)

  4. Aaw, well I'm sure Freddy will be good company anyway! I really love your watch Josie :) I never tend to wear them but then I think they look so good on other people! xxx

  5. You don't need anything else when you have Game of Thrones, Josie:)
    Hope you feel better soon. XOXO

  6. Love your boots and your watch :) I'm also not a fan of posing but I do it cause I can never get a good picture of myself in my room! Also, I really wanna watch Game of Thrones :) Hope watching TV and reading Vogue makes you feel better. The cure to making me happy is tea and some escapism!

    Haaappy Spring!
    Hailes Hearts Fashion.

  7. That watch and those boots! I think you should call the hospital so they can make sure you're doing okay. Imagine if someone stole your MULBS. Seriously. Cute watch and boots btw! ;)

    Tara x

    P.S I wish I went on holiday as often as your rents haha!

  8. your blog is looking great!!!!

  9. Aww really hope you feel much better soon lovely, fingers crossed a lovely weekend reading Vogue and chilling out does you the world of good. Sometimes time alone can be fantastic, I always enjoy a free house and (free) reign over the TV remote haha <3

    What is it with wardrobes? Swear they mess up on their own... I'm forever sorting mine out only for it to undo all my hard work ;-)

    Sophie xo

  10. Love love love this outfit! - sometimes it's the most simple things that are the best :)
    I hope you're feeling better soon... maybe a bit of downtime to yourself will help... it sounds like you've got a perfect few days set up :p ... nothing quite like some hermit time!

    Lauren xx

  11. this outfit is so cool, casual yet edgy with that jacket.
    hope you will feel better when it will get warmer there.
    I totally understand your hermit thing, I sometimes feel that I am hermit too.


  12. Season 2? You've so much to catch up on!

  13. I don't have CF but I totally know what you mean about constant tiredness and falling asleep on trains - I'm having such a week of it. Don't know how I haven't missed my stop yet! x x

  14. You will want a slip or spanks or something as support with thin dresses. (Not sheer, just thin.) Ultimately, I'm really happy with mine. I wore it to sing with a jazz band, and it was a HUGE hit.

  15. Love the outfit, enjoy your time relaxing! xx

  16. Yeah you're not alone you have Freddy Dog, and all your blogger chums :)
    I take a medication that makes me fatigued so I can sympathise, but it is never as extreme as falling asleep on public transport, so make sure you are taking care of yourself missy. I wish I was taller like you so I could wear men's tees, they look so good on you!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  17. I love grey tees too. They seem to go with almost anything :)

  18. Your make-up looks so pretty and natural Josie, I love these photos. I don't mind that you take photos in your mirror - I actually think your mirror photos are really nice and different from the usual blog photos! I hope you start feeling less tired soon, I hate saying this because it's what old people say but maybe the change in the weather has a little to do with it - everyone I know is complaining of tiredness at the moment and it's sunny one day rainy the next, I think we all need a big dose of sunshine :) xxx

  19. This is the perfect and most chicest type of uniform you can get, looks terrific. Hope you get over the tiredness Josie, try some vitamins too. Have a great start to the weekend hun!

  20. Lovely ^^

    恵美より ♥

  21. i think i would so much enjoy my time being home alone without parents supervision hahaha. but i would miss them badly and eventually begged for them to come home.

  22. Those boots get me every single time you wear them Josie! I love them so much, they look super comfy too. Really hope you're feeling a little bit stronger (come on, Candy Crush awaits girl!!!) soon, hope you had a lovely Easter and got spoilt with lots of choccies. Big love! xxx

  23. Love the boots and cute watch!


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