A Significant Day

Today is quite a 'reflective' one for me, it's exactly this date last year that I had my assessment at Harefield and they told me that I needed new lungs. I remember that day so well! I just cried and cried and was sad up until Christmas Day when I cheered up because, well, Christmas. If only I'd known that exactly one year later I'd be sitting here with shiny new lungs, recovering well with the hope of an exciting future ahead of me! I went to hospital that day in a wheelchair and on oxygen, this week I walked in there on my own two feet with no tubes up my nose. I climbed stairs too, I still can't get used to it sometimes. 

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At The Old Orchard, Harefield. All uphill and a flight of stairs, both of which would have been a real struggle before but now the only thing slowing me down are my wobbly legs! Recommend this place in you're in the area btw, gorgeous food and they even have a resident dog!

I was there for clinic, it was a bit of a faff actually because of this bug I have (explanation here if you missed it) I need to be seen on the ward rather than in the actual clinic. I was booked in for 9am Monday but there were no beds til one so it was too late to have bloods taken by then and because of that they made me stay in that night so no one would steal the bed. ONE WAS NOT AMUSED. It wouldn't be too much of a big deal but I'm not allowed to use the bathrooms in case I spread my germs haha so they make me use a commode *major cryface here* I mean I know there are far worse things to deal with in life but it just brings me back to being ill so I sit there peeing trying not to have  a panic attack lololol. I'm sure I'll get used to it though, I have to because it looks like that's how hospital life will be for the foreseeable future! Anyway they did the bloods the next day and all was fine, I had a nuclear medicine scan on Wednesday which wasn't as exciting/dangerous as it sounds and then me and mama made our merry way home. 

This week also mark a year since I saw Florence And The Machine, significant seeing as she is my queen/hair idol/everything. I'm definitely going to see her again, except this time I won't have to sit down with an oxygen cylinder or have to deal with assholes - in fact I'll probably be the asshole because I'll be treading on people's toes and spilling my drink everywhere because I shall be dancing like a loon. I really wanna see Kings Of Leon tooooo. Anyone you really want to see? 

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