The October Wishlist

I'm not really a Halloween person. I mean I love a scary film and give me all the Halloween baked goods (have you tried those orange chocolate chip cupcakes from the Co-op? Oh my Lorrrrd!) But I'm not a fan of fancy dress, it just makes me feel weird. However anything celestial or if it looks like it'd be hanging up in Florence Welch's closest I'm on board. So in keeping with the spooky spirit of October here's a witchy wishlist of things you can wear this month and beyond!

Mango stars embroidered ankle boots £69.99 - I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw these. The most perfect space boots, on the whole I'm not really into the embroidered boots thing but I'm so in love with these. After seeing them on Rachael's instagram I only want them more!  

Zara embroidered velvet jacket £95.99 - I keep seeing this in store and have even gone as far to try it on which has only led to heartbreak as it's waaay out of my student budget *sobsob* Seriously though click on the link to see it in it's full glory, it's just so rock and roll and if it ever goes in the sale it'll be mine!

Sam Edelman star and moon embellished heels £140 - Pricey and I doubt I could even walk in them but they're far too pretty not to include. They're the shoes my velvet, celestial dreams are made of and if I were to get married they'd be the shoes I'd wear.

Accessorize Lyra star earrings £10 - Accessorize used to be my shop years ago but it's only recently that I've started to venture in again. For some reason I used to think a lot of it was aimed at the teen market but it seems to have grown up! I love the Z for Accessorize range but their statement jewellery is also pretty nice, such as these gorgeous earrings. 

Accessorize star stud beret £15 - After seeing this on both Olivia and Rachael (again) I sought this out in store but sadly it's a bit too big for my pea head! Which is a real shame as it's so flippin' cute.

H&M velvet top £5.99 - I'd tried this on too but it just didn't look right, maybe layered over a tee it might look better but I just don't think these little cami tops are for me. But if you can pull them off this is such a bargain you may as well get it it pink too!

Zara beaded stars crossbody bucket bag £39.99 - So impractical, I can see all the beads getting caught and falling off but it'd be so pretty while it lasted!

New Look cosmetic bag £8.99 - This is adorable and quite unexpected from New Look I think. You can never have enough of these little bags to keep your bits and bobs in, amirite?

Looking at this wishlist has made me realise what I really want. I'm forever buying the same classic and *practical* pieces like stripes, jeans and jumpers which is the sensible option but it's not that fun. I used to buy a lot of vintage and things that were different but I think at this point I have enough basics in my wardrobe (my latest Style Diary is proof of that!) so from now on I'd like to buy things that really get my heart beating!

Are you a fan of Halloween? Or are you just starry eyed like me? I'd love to know your favourite piece here or if you know of any other celestial things I could add to this wishlist!

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