November Goals

Well I'm pretty pleased with myself because I didn't do a bad job at all at keeping up with my October Goals. I got my haircut once and for all, I didn't slack on the skincare front and I've definitely been focusing a bit more on myself by surrounding myself with the right people. The one thing I didn't do too well on was keeping a blog schedule but that's not surprising considering everything that happened! I plan to rectify that this month, here are my other November Goals...

1. Make my uni room more 'me'. I have plenty of shelving but my crap doesn't look very aesthetically pleasing just chucked on there, I just need to get some nice storage. I'd like to add a bit of personality to my room as well, it's a bit bland at the moment. Maybe then I'll do a room tour!

2. Look after myself more. As in eating better and exercise. I've only drank alcohol once in about three months and I've been eating loads since I got here, anything to put off work really. I'm like 'I'll write my essay title once I've eaten...for the fifth time...this hour.' I think I've gained the much needed weight that both my transplant and CF hospital were nagging me to gain, woohoo! Plus I walk absolutely everywhere now so I'm getting lots of exercise. Despite that I'd like to make time for a proper workout once or twice a week just to keep healthier and I'll be trying out Pactster, which has been recommended to me by my CF physios before. I'll be doing a post more on this soon! And also I want to try and cook a bit more because one probably shouldn't survive off Tesco meal deals and Dairylea Dunkers. Although I'm not really loving the current kitchen I have so it's kinda tricky so this one may have to be put on hold for a bit.

3. Prepare for Reading Week. I'll be going home so I want to make sure I get as much work done as possible to be able to relax and have fun instead, although there's loads of museums I want to go to. Spending time with friends and family isn't something I want to compromise on and I never want to put anything else before that because I learnt last year that that's what's the most important thing for me. Plus I don't want to be dragging all my uni books back and forth because I'm weak af haha.

4. Save money. Hahahahaha, said this before haven't I! But with Christmas coming up I can't really afford to be spending money like I have been so I'll have to learn to be more frugal (even though I'm eyeing up a lil trip to Paris and half of Zara right now!) I just need to stop buying Vogue and pumpkin spice lattes but it's difficult to give up that basic bitch lifestyle.

What are your goals for November? Are you preparing for Christmas yet too? 

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