I've started this blog mainly to write about living with Cystic Fibrosis (CF), and partly to put off doing a 3000 word essay due in four days (eeeeeeee!) til yet another day.  Not sure how interesting this is going to be, but it's more for me than anyone else. Could write stuff down the old fashioned way with a pen and paper, but I guess I'm too lazy. In case anyone ever does read this, here's a few things about me:

My name is Josie, hence the very original blog name, and I am 18 years old. From London.Currently at university doing American Studies. Only been here a few months, but loving it so far! As mentioned, I have CF, if you follow this link you'll find all the medical facts. Not too good at explaining that part, a bit too sciencey for me. (Am also just as useless with computers. Promising start for a blog about CF isn't it?) But I suppose if you have CF, that's not really what you think about most of the time. When you're ill it's like 'Eww I feel like crap, now I can't go out tonight, it's not fair' etc, you're more thinking about how CF is disrupting your plans for that day or whatever rather than the scientific part. I only ever think about that when a doctor is explaining something to me, but even then I zone out a bit. I just take my meds as I'm supposed to, not too concerned with exactly how they work, just as long as they do the job! Saying that, I'm not completely clueless, I do know what each tablet is for and how to take them and all that!

So yeah, that's all for now!


  1. Hi, Gemma's mum here, I'm sure you will do fine with the blogging, just put how u feel. Good luck and hope your keeping well :-) x

  2. Thanks I'm gonna give it a go haha :) x

  3. Nice to "meet" you, Josie! I'll be following!

    (Confessions of a Cyster)

  4. Welcome to blogger :). Your blog concept is unique - its very refreshing x

  5. nice, inspiring blog. i wish you all the best on your blog, and i enjoyed reading through your posts. you're a great writer, and i am your new follower. hope we can stay connected. cheers! :)

  6. hi Josie, just saw that you have started to follow my blog so thought I'd pop over and see what was what. Nice to meet you...sort of! lol

    it's good to see you writing about uni, I never had my blog when I was doing my degree so haven't kept note of how things were then.

    hope you're keeping well :) x


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