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Coat - Zara | Knit - H&M | Denim - Zara | Boots - Isabel Marant | Bag - Mulberry | Earrings - ASOS

Oh wow! Two cliché post titles in one week. Shame on me. But you know this is Wednesday's outfit and I am wearing pink...I think I'm looking a lot girlier than usual here, what is happening? It feels wrong to not be wearing any black. What is also wrong is the fact that I still wear these jeans, they're like 5 years old now and have a hole in the knee. They were less than £30 and it's really time to let them go but for some reason I just can't.

It's my Mummy's birthday weekend, she made me laugh because she wanted to go to the cinema with her friends, how Year 7 is that? All she needed was a trip to Pizza Hut thrown in and the nostalgia would've really kicked in. But we didn't, we had cocktails instead (I'm laughing at her for going to the pictures but I tagged along with her and her mates...who's the saddo now?) We saw Last Vegas and it was hilarious. It's not the kind of film I'd choose to watch but I was pleasantly surprised...even the fact that Michael Douglas was in it didn't put me off and that man gives me the heebie-jeebies. I cannot believe the lady in the film (the mum from Elf!) chose him over Robert De Niro. 

Here's a question for you...snog, marry or avoid Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas and Morgan Freeman (I'm sorry we have to leave out Kevin Kline but let's be honest, who the hell is he?) I'd 100% avoid Michael Douglas and I'd have to marry Morgan Freeman because the voice man, the voice! Robert De Niro would get a kiss (lucky him lololol) You better tell me yours because I cannot be the only one who makes a choice out of men old enough to be my grandfather....that'd be embarrassing.

Josie x


  1.'re too funny:) I actually don't mind Michael Douglas. He was hot when he was young...that's my excuse:P I think I'd marry De Niro though.
    Anyhoo, loving the pink look:D

  2. I love your sense of humor, your post made me smile:) I also want to say that pink coat is so cute, I love everything about it, shape and color is just perfect;)
    Thank You for sharing such a nice post!
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  3. Haha I actually laughed at the title of this post, it's genius! I love your pink coat too - and so what that your jeans are 5 years old?! If you like them, wear them! I think I'd marry Robert De Niro, kiss Morgan Freeman and avoid Michael Douglas (can't believe I just typed that sentence!!) haha xxx

  4. Hey Josie,

    First I have to say your skin is looking gorgeous, I am jealous! Loving the pink coat, it's amazing.
    I'd snog Michael Douglas (I don't think he's that bad), marry Morgan Freeman (so he could tell me bedtime stories and follow me around to narrate my life) and I'd avoid Robert De Niro (he always looks so sad).

    Fashion, Well Done

  5. Josie you look amazing!! I would definitely go with the same choices as you! Marry morgan freeman for sure haha

    Julia xxx

  6. I think I'd do the same as you and marry Morgan freeman, he's just too cool
    Daniella x

  7. pink loves you. you look so pretty!

  8. I love reading your bits of writing, you're so funny haha!
    This outfit is amazing, that COAT uh. I recently bought a similar-ish one in mint green, this is helping me figure out how to wear it! xx

  9. I love your jumper, that colour pink really suits you :) xx

  10. Okay, my short stumpy legs are officially jealous of your beautiful long ones!

    I'd have to marry Morgan Freeman too, all about that voice! Although he'd probably get tired of me making him talk, and he'd have to do my answerphone message too ha

    Jennie xo |

  11. Always appreciate a good mean girls reference! Still in love with your pink coat too, wish I had the chance to grab myself one..
    Haha okay, snog Michael Douglas, he was a pretty guy. I have an embarrassingly inappropriate crush on De Niro, so I'd have to marry him. Avoid Morgan Freeman, because I hate to say it, but I think I'd get sick of the voice :/ loved this post!

    Anna xx

  12. you look so lovely, that coat is fabulous! :)
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  13. your coat is adorable. : ) what a staple piece.

    come visit my blog,

  14. That pink coat on you is perrrfeect! Love, love, love!

    Aww bless, happy birthday to your Mum <3 Cocktails & the cinema sounds lovely, glad you enjoyed the film! Saw it last week and enjoyed it more than I thought I would too, I totally agree with the Michael Douglas thing- he is creepy, so creepy in fact that surely the madness of Fatal Attraction was the fact that Glenn Close fancied him in the first place?! Haha! Okay... *deep breath* I would snog Morgan Freeman, avoid Michael Douglas and marry Robert De Niro, I would have to say he is the most attractive out of those three!

    Sophie xox

  15. I'll never tire of that amazing pink coat - it's perf! I really love how pretty those earrings look on you too :) Ah, my mum and dad went to see Last Vegas today and they said they really liked it. xxx

  16. Your blog is amazing, I'd love to come back here;)
    if you want to follow each other, please follow me on GFC, and I'll do the same ;)

  17. Haha, love your humour, have not seen "snog, marry, or avoid" in ages! I really like your pink coat, it looks lovely with the boots! Have a great week. /Madison

  18. The pink coat looks great on you--love your style!
    I really enjoy your blog so far and would love to follow each other--please join my GFC and I'll follow you right back!


    xo Jess

  19. Snog Michael Douglas, Marry de Niro and Avoid Morgan Freeman! I kind of want to see that film - the trailer looked funny :)
    You look so natural and pretty here Josie :) I love your make up and the imitation mise en dior earrings!! xx

  20. You can never go wrong with a Mean Girl's quote! Those earrings are so pretty. :) Playing snog, marry or avoid with old people is just grose Josie! BUT since you made me do it, I'd avoid Michael Douglas, snog Robert De Niro (spew) and marry Morgan Freeman! ;)

    Tara xo

  21. You look so girly and feminine in this outfit Josie! I love it, I couldn't quite think what was so different from your usual look until I read what you said about not wearing any black. It really does make such a dramatic difference to your appearance! Happy belated birthday to your mumma - it sounds like she had a nice day haha cinema with friends - she's so cute! I'd avoid Michael Douglas because there's something so creepy about him, snog Robert De Niro and (though I don't really want to do that either paha) and marry Morgan Freeman just because he's so awesome! xxx


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