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5 Piece Wardrobe Wishlist

Whistles Anna Crepe Top £155 | H&M Suit Trousers £24.99 | Whistles Izzy Double Face Stripe Top £65 | Office Kansas Black Patent Leather Pumps £50 | H&M Crinkled Skirt £24.99

To help me keep on track with my 5 Piece Wardrobing I've created a little wishlist of the things I'd like to buy this season. It's a little early perhaps to start thinking about Spring/Summer because who knows what'll capture my heart enough to take up a precious place in my limited allowance once it's in full swing! I have a good, solid collection of basics now and my aim this year is to buy pieces that hint to the trends whilst still keeping in with my pretty classic aesthetic just to keep things fresh because keeping to such a simple style can get a little stale. I've decided to keep to my usual monochrome palette because I just find it easier to work with but I'd like to experiment a little with different shapes and maybe get out of my comfort zone a bit without drifting too far from my own style. 

The Shift Blouse: Shift style tops have been around for a while now but this season they featured in almost every show so I think now's the time to invest! A basic with a twist, I love the structured shape of the Anna Top from'd look great with statement jewellery. I've thrown in the Izzy Top too because it's a similar shape in my all time favourite stripes which gives it a kind of retro look so it'd be a classic in my wardrobe for years. 

The Full Skirt: This H&M skirt is something very different for me but after swooning over them for a couple of years I think it's time to be brave and give it a go. I'd always thought it was a piece that looks best with a heel and while that's probably still true the best way to wear it now is with a flat...good news for me! The idea of wearing this with my favourite Uniqlo sweaters and flat boots and an oversized coat is really appealing and it'd be fun to try out a new silhouette. I feel very self concious in skirts but I think the longer length of this would make it more bearable.

The Suit Trousers: I've been meaning to buy a pair of these for ages but I just haven't found the right pair. As this is a basic that I don't own they're not going to count as a piece because I think they're one of the few things I actually need to complete my basics collection. In my mind they're just as important to your wardrobe as black skinny denim. Wide trousers are big news this season so I'm very tempted to go for them but I think I'll be getting a loose fit, ankle length pair. I always stick to skinnies so it'll be good to kind of let my legs be free! They'll look especially awesome with my ponyskin slip ons and other sneakers in the day time and they'll be a good option for when I need to smarten up a little. I'll probably be getting a pair from H&M as I find their trousers to be a good fit on me.

The Pointed Flat: This has been a trend for a good while now as well but honestly they're so classic I think no shoe wardrobe is complete without it...including mine! Clumpy, ugly shoes look set to be everywhere this year but if, like me, you just can't handle that luckily we have this style to fall back on. They'd look great with the full skirt too.

I don't think I'll be buying everything here, I know I'll most definitely be getting some trousers and if the skirt is as nice in real life as I hope it is that'll be a definite purchase too! Who knows about the others, we'll have to see. What's on your S/S wishlist?

Josie x


  1. Perfect, classic pieces. I'd love to do the French wardrobe thing, I've read about it on a few fashion forums and it seems like a great way to live a more minimal life. The skirt is my favourite! xx

  2. The skirt is my favourite piece - it's even more gorgeous close up with that lovely texture! I used to wear pointed flats a lot when I was a bit younger, when I went out most weekends. For some reason I can't bring myself to wear them since that haha, I've been looking out for a flat with a softer, more rounded point to the toe but no luck as yet. I think I'd find those more wearable - especially being a six and a half in shoes! xxx

  3. The H&M skirt and Whistles striped tee are both beautiful pieces. So lady like but still with a casual-cool.
    Great post!


  4. A hellz yeah to the suit trousers. I think that's such a versatile piece, and H&M pants fit me well too:)

  5. Love that you know your style so well, this is what I'm aiming for! I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect bikini, even though I'm in the Alps all winter and most of spring! Looking forward to summer :)
    Kerry x

  6. I've been needing a full skirt. I need a ton for fall. Definitely.

  7. love this look idea, full skirts are a must!
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  8. I love that full skirt! I can imagine it would really suit you :)

    Julia xxx

  9. I really like the pointed flats and the stripy looks good too :) xx

  10. I love that Whistles top! I have my black wrap blouse but I could do with a piece like that too. <3

    Tara xo

  11. These items are just perfect! I think i would go for a black classy bag as well!

  12. I can't wait to see you style some of these pieces Josie, they are such beautiful, timeless choices & with your red lip they will look blimmin' flawless! <3

    Also I'm glad to share someones sentiment on ugly shoes, thought it was just me haha! ;-)

    Sophie <3 soinspo xox

  13. this is so cute! love the simplicity. thanks for following me btw, i'm following now xx

  14. I can see you in all of these and I am not at all surprised to see a striped top in there. Still think you're amazing if you can do this, I could never narrow it down to just 5 :) xx

  15. Oh that skirt is lovely, I do love a full skirt! <3

    Jennie xo |

  16. That striped top! YES and it would look very nice with your chanel lipstick! :)
    Daniella x

  17. You have the BEST collection of basics I've ever seen, you put my jumbled wardrobe to shame! xxx

  18. LOVE the items you picked - they're all so versatile. Can think of so many ways to combine them!

    Thanks for the lovely comment - it has been weird being away, coming across so much fashion I wanted to share! I have been following your blog in the meantime though, I love how it has been developing over the past year!


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