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Coat - Matalan | Jumper - Daisy Street via ASOS | Jeans - Uniqlo | Boots - Topshop | Bag - Mulberry

I resisted that post title for a good two years but right now my mind is completely blank and it'll have to do. And um, well these photos came out great and remind me to not tuck these jeans into these boots ever again yah? And also, to not cut my own fringe. And to not wear this lipstick again...lips look brown and it's not pretty.

This was Saturday's outfit, I had a marvellous day. I felt like going out still after Freddy had guilt tripped me into staying in Friday so I just got a train to Charing Cross. I didn't have a plan, I ended up in Covent Garden for a bit where I ate the most amazing butternut squash and goat's cheese pie, usually the only 'restaurant' I'll eat alone in is McDonald's but the smell of pie was too irresistible and won against the shame of sitting at a table for one. I popped into Sass and Belle and bought my Mum a picture frame for her birthday but now I think I shouldn't have because I'm not sure if she has a place for it. It's white so the only place it'll go is her bedroom. Perhaps I'll put a picture of me and Freddydog in it and because she can only put it in her room it'll mean she can never escape us...we can annoy her all the time. I also popped into Aesop, their staff are just the loveliest. I bought my Mum a body scrub thing but I'm going to keep it because I don't think she even uses body scrubs whereas me, I am obsessed with them. I'm rubbish at skincare and beauty but I am actually very good at body care, I pay more attention to it than my face for sure! I think I'll get my Mum some face stuff, it's more her thing and we won't tell her I spent £25 on a scrub mmm'kay? A ridiculous thing especially when I'm trying to save but I just don't care right now. I'm seriously doing crap at buying my mum's gifts this year, I need to get my act together! Anyway the lady in the shop gave me lots of samples, including that famous parsley seed masque. She was explaining to me how to use them all but I wasn't listening...I have this really rude and unexplainable habit of completely zoning out when people at beauty counters are explaining stuff to me, I don't know why I do it because I need all the help I can get. It's bad because she knew I wasn't listening and was probably thinking 'Dear God, this girl is probably going to try and eat this stuff.' But I tried the masque, it felt nice and I liked the weird scent but to be honest I saw no difference in my skin...bit of a HUMBLE BRAG here but I don't really have blemishes or anything to clear up on my face though.

From there I quickly popped into the National Gallery, a place I've been many times but had never actually gotten round to seeing Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers' so I just wanted to check it out. It was smaller than I expected, I preferred the paintings with more blue in them (I know, I'm so artsy and knowledgeable about his work) but it was good to finally see it. Then I went to Leicester Square and paid a ridiculous amount of money to see '12 Years A Slave' which was brilliant although very hard to watch. Brad Pitt produced it and happened to play the good guy, he would give himself that part wouldn't he. It was just fantastic though, I love Steve McQueen's previous films (the director, not the actor) and it didn't disappoint. Also, the hype around Lupita Nyong'o's performance is worth it, she is amazing. 

And then I went home. I had the best day, I enjoy going out with other people but I love exploring London alone...I can go where I want, eat what I want, spend as much or as little time as I want at certain places. It's all on my terms, which is selfish but fun! I'm sorry I took no photos, I'll try to be a better blogger in future.

Josie x


  1. I want to hang out in Covent Garden with you. No tables for one ;)
    Looking gorgeous, as ever m'dear xo

  2. I love all grey outfits! You look beautiful dear. You've made me excited for London next Tuesday now!! Xx

  3. cool coat dear :D


  4. I do love how your pics look, Josie. And you know, I zone out when salespeople explain stuff in beauty counters too....hehehe...
    PS Must really see that movie!

  5. You look lovely! And I don't think that you messed up your bangs (errr. . . fringe).

    I enjoyed reading about your solo London wanderings. I'm glad I'm not the only person who enjoys walking around and doing things alone--some of my favorite NYC experiences have been all by my lonesome. It's nice to be able to see and do whatever you want! Also, that squash + goat cheese pie sounds AMAZING. . . though it's less likely that I'd find a place selling savory pies in New York. Sadness.


  6. Sounds like you had a lovely day :) it's good to spend some time alone sometimes, I wander round Cardiff by myself occasionally and I love it when I find something I hadn't noticed before :) xx

  7. I love the National Gallery, sounds like you've had a nice day. Your outfit is so nice, very apt for the grey weather but lovely nontheless xx

  8. I love it <3
    You look gorgeous :)

    kisses from Croatia,


  9. All grey = yes! After ranting about only buying premium denim, I nabbed some grey Warehouse jeans for a tenner in the sale! Huzzah. I crack myself up. 12 Years a Slave was incredible but yes, you're right, it was hard to watch. As soon as I left the cinema, first thing I said was OF COURSE Brad Pitt would play the good guy. I mean, seriously.

    Tara xo

  10. I'm a scrub addicted too and once i made the same. i bought a present for a friend. But that scrub was so scient, delicious that I kept for my self!
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  11. Simple, chic and pretty much perfect! Great look.


  12. Lovely coat! x

  13. you look bloody awesome! I love looks featuring varying shades of grey! so chic, I adore your jumper and am OBSESSED with your boots! xxx

  14. I'm glad you enjoyed your saturday. I have serious bag envy now!! xxx

  15. sounds like you had a great day! Totally know what you mean about shopping etc alone, no need to worry about what anyone else wants to do is bliss! I only live 20 min train journey from London but I'm really ashamed to say I've never been there alone, I would like to though and the national gallery is the first place I'd head to because I love the renaissance section..nerd alert! 8-) xx

  16. I'm so envious of your ability to just hop on the train and spent the day out alone - and you had such a fabulous time! I'm such a worrier, and I'm terribly nervous about doing things by myself. I've definitely gotten better, but I'd love to be able to just walk around a gallery by myself (or with anyone right now, I'm missing the art world!). Your day sounds perfect, you're so brave eating in a restaurant by yourself! I love the fact you're going to put you and Freddy in your mum's frame haha, I'm sure she'll love having you close by at all times..! I definitely need to take more care of my body, Nivea in shower moisturiser is a good as it gets at the moment (shameful I know!). I love free samples, but I hate speaking to counter assistants. I'm sure they're not all like this, but whenever I have to deal with one they just seem really snooty! I never ask for samples, but last year I wanted to try Clinique's CC cream before I bought it as an alternative to my usual Clinique foundation. It took me 3 stores to actually get a sample across a few different shopping trips. 3 stores!! I ended up buying both the CC cream and my usual foundation and alternate them, but I think that the assistants always assume you just want free stuff and won't actually buy anything - they're so wrong! You looked beautifully stylish whilst on your day out too Josie, though I've got to agree with you I don't like the browny lipstick!! xxx

  17. What a cool day out! You fitted loads of great stuff in & it shows you don't always need a plan, as you have proven, going with the flow can make for the best time! <3

    I really enjoy going out on my own sometimes too, although I'm sad to say I do let my confidence and worries get the better of me which is so silly & something I want to try and work on. The film sounds wonderful, hoping to catch it next week! As for the pie... *stomach rumbles* :D

    Sophie xo

  18. Your fringe looks lovely! Love your coat too :)

    Julia xxx

  19. We are definitely on the same page Josie. Going out alone can be so enjoyable. No arguments, no doing things you don't want to do - it can be bliss! And I totally admire you for eating alone - I've always wanted to but always think about what others will think of me. It needs to stop!
    Also, love the outfit. You look lovely! xxx

  20. Hi Josie, this is such a great cozy chic jumper, sounds like a fun and eventful day, Id love to visit the National Gallery (I can't say i know too much about art either). Thanks for letting us know about the movie, I think its a must see before the Oscars. Hope your week is going well hun.

  21. Ohh what a nice coat! I love completely grey outfits :)


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