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Ok, I know it's not the actual end of January but one day will make no difference! That's month one over of my challenge and I think I've done good so far, especially considering that dangerous mix of January Sales and the January Blues. Everything, bar one accessory, has been thought out and planned so there have been no mistakes this month. In total I have bought 6 items, including accessories, so some people may be reading and thinking 'Whaaaat, what happened to one thing per month?' But let me come up with excuses  explain:


As I've explained before, basics that either need replacing or do not exist already in my wardrobe do not count and I have a list of the few things I had left to buy to help keep me on track (maybe I'll post it so I can have it here to refer to when I try and cheat haha! The one I have can sneakily have things added to it but if it's on here then it's gotta stay the way it is!) I want to get this list ticked off as soon as possible because I think unless you have your basics almost perfect then it's very hard to keep to this concept. My list is really short because I have most things and as I've ticked off a few items this month I think I will buy less in February. I've bought three basics, all from the store I work in as my family put in a bit of an order for me to pick up stuff and I thought I may as well grab the things I wanted for two reasons. One is some items, such as the sweater and tee, were very low stock and it would be a long time before they came back again (for example I wanted the sweater over a year ago but it sold out before I got the chance to get it so had to wait a whole year before it was available again.) And secondly when I buy stuff there I have to do it in my lunch break so every few months or so I like to buy mine and everyone else's stuff at once and get it over with because I hate anything coming between me and my lunch break, even shopping! Food>Clothes ALL DAY.
  • Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Jeans in Black - (not pictured) I needed these for my work uniform as my old ones were falling apart so they don't count. This is hands down the comfiest denim I've ever worn and they don't lose their shape either despite all the stretch. If you fancy a pair then definitely size down, in Topshop for example I take a 25 or 26 (depending on the style) but for these I am a 23!
  • Uniqlo MEN Supima Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt in Black- All of my black tees are either too sheer or old or have some kind of twist to their design so I was in need of a plain black one. I've spoke about my love for the men's tees before and y'know, if they're good enough for Emmanuelle Alt! I get the XS which I think comes up slightly smaller than other stores so it's just that flatteringly tiny bit oversized instead of that baggy, boyfriend fit...perfect!
  • Uniqlo MEN Cotton Cashmere Sweater in Dark Grey -  I think every wardrobe needs the perfect sweater in black, navy, light grey and dark grey. I have all of them now, in this exact same style so I think that it's safe to say that that section of my basics collection is now complete! I know to a lot of people it's such a non colour but I think it looks gorgeous with dark blue denim and red nails and lips.


As I've said before, accessories don't count unless they're real expensive.

  • Uniqlo 100% Cashmere Beanie in Light Grey - I got this for just over a tenner with my discount, I would've been an absolute fool to leave it behind! It's so snug and is making those waits at the bus stops in the cold just a little bit more bearable. I needed a hat because I've lost all my other ones so I'm hoping I don't lose this!
  • ASOS Faux Swing Pearl Earrings - These were my only impulse buy of the month but despite the fact I'm not much of an earring person I've been getting lots of wear out of them. Pearls are set to be big news this season but instead of looking twee the designs are edgier, a little bit punky even. My bargains unsurprisingly sold out really quickly  but I found them even cheaper here...I really recommend them, such a cheap and simple way of updating the most basic outfit.


  • H&M Black Tailored Trousers  - Originally I said that these weren't gonna count as a piece but I felt guilty buying them so I've decided that they do (even though I think every wardrobe needs them, they look as awesome with trainers as they do with smart shoes so they're not as formal as you might think!) I'm so happy with these, I feel like they've really freshened up my wardrobe of skinnies! H&M have loads of different pairs in at the moment so I recommend you look there to find a style that suits you if you like the look. 
So far, so good! What I've really liked most about shopping less is that I've done other things instead...all too often when I wanna go out I just head straight to the shops but this month I've been to the cinema three times and a museum so I'm hoping to keep this up. This whole thing isn't so much a saving money thing but more like spending it more wisely you know? And instead of browsing online all the time (it was seriously my favourite hobby when I get ill) I've read two books this month haha. It shows just how bad my shopping addiction was as I've been doing so many more different things instead! But I think it will be harder to do once the new S/S collections are in full swing and getting dressed isn't just about bundling on as many layers as possible to try and keep warm!

Josie x


  1. I love all your purchases! I am definitely tempted by the cheaper version of the mise en dior earrings as they are gorgeous!! The uniqlo men's cashmere jumpers look gorgeous too! I love how you dress :) you have such a classic style! You'd fit in well out here in Paris :)

  2. Josie, I'm so impressed! You've done really well. I spotted those H&M trousers in the window yesterday but couldn't find them instore, go figure. I really need to start buying basics/classic pieces but I have a weakness for kimonos... :(

    Tara x

  3. I love the concept of buying less- I just had a massive clear out of my possessions, and it feels so nice to own less stuff. I want to do it to my wardrobe now! I don't buy that much- I only bought 3 things in the sales and a new striped top/white shirt (both basics)- so January wasn't too bad.

  4. Congrats, Josie. You're doing really well:) And yeah...basics don't count.

  5. I love the hat, all the Uniqlo buys sound lovely :) xx

  6. That beanie looks so cosy and you definitely can't go wrong with mens basics, they're always more comfortable! Love those trousers :)

    Julia xxx

  7. Great Haul! All looks so beautiful :)


  8. I love those trousers! x

  9. those trousers are lush! xxx

  10. You are stunning in those trousers! I'm not usually partial to pants of any sort but these are an exception. <3 xoxo

  11. I am completely on board with you on this Josie, great choices, you go for pieces that are really timeless and classic and you know how to perfectly dress for your shape and style. I really appreciate your feedback on my last post...Happy Friday!

  12. Great post, these would be perfect if I'm having a chilled day or for my work uniform as we have to wear smart grey or black...

    Ash xx

  13. Haha it's definitely a better attempt than I would have done to stop spending, the only thing that's stopping me is the fact that I have literally 0 money right now... Being a student, ugh. Finally got my loan though, I just had to spend it ALL on rent, cos London. Back to square one. I have such envy for your cashmere beanie I'm currently rocking one of those Thinsulate super thick ones from Asda, trying to carry it off as a fashion statement
    Rebecca x

  14. Basic in monochrome always great ;)

  15. love what you bought, it's a really great idea because it definitely does make you think more about what you are buying. I should really try this but with make up as I've been really over spending on that lately, which is bad because some of the stuff is over priced and the money could have gone on like a whole outfit! xx

  16. Your 5 piece wardrobe plan is very inspiring; I wish I could do the same but I know I'd fall flat at the first hurdle (Saturday online browsing is my tradition!)

    Also I think that you deserve a gold medal for keeping it up in dreary January ;-)

    Sophie <3

  17. I need to learn some of your strictness when it comes to shopping! I am such an impulse buyer! You're doing really well at this though and have made some great choices! I love those black trousers, they are such a nice fit on you :) xx

  18. I am very proud of you :-) and jealous of your will power!


  19. I'm hoping to have your will power over this month as i am not buying myself anything, unless I run out of the makeup I use everyday.
    Ooh what books have you read? I'm always looking for recommendations.

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  20. Online shopping is still my favorite hobby, haha! That needs to change. I love all of your purchases for January.

  21. i love the things you bought! totally my style. basics are def the way to go and i agree with you.. they dont count! lol sneaky sneaky.

  22. Those trousers look wonderfully chic on you! I always struggle with H&M sizing, it's different every time! xxx

  23. I just came across your blog and thanks to you I also found the perfect pair of pearl earrings! Thank you!!


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