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Wishlist #1
From my polyvore, go there to check out details of stuff featured here because I'm too tired and lazy to link ok?

Yet another wishlist! I just had a massive clearout of my wardrobe (chucked the majority of it on Ebay, check it out here, most of it starts at 99p. And no, I did not choose my Ebay name my hilarious brother set it up for me) Now I can see where there are a few gaps in my basics collection but overall I'm really happy with what I have. I really want a perfect black, wool skirt, I lost out on the skirt of dreams by Cos on Ebay at the weekend and was pretty gutted, I'm so rubbish at bidding! It had pockets and everything :'( I'm just gonna have to keep looking. I could also do with a white shirt, I have a linen one that's perfect with blue denim in the summer but I'd like a more structured one to wear under sweaters right now.

The other things aren't really needed but I just want! I used to wear cardigans all the time but now not so much, however recently I've been getting a lot of wear out of my black merino wool one and would like a chunky grey one just to throw on over simple tees with the sleeves rolled up a little. This shade of green has also been on my mind for a long time, I think it's one of the few colours that looks good with black and I think it looks awesome with red lips or nails. Plus it matches my hair! A striped tee because although I own lots of long sleeved bretons I have no short sleeved ones which kind of seems wrong. Then finally a Beadnell Barbour jacket in navy which has been on my wishlist forever, hopefully at some point I'll eventually invest in one. I have a Winterforce Parka thing by Barbour in olive and it's a godsend when the weather is cold and rainy so I know that Barbours are 100% worth the money. 

But first I need monies (so remember my Ebay *hinthint*) Don't you hate it when you're still poor on payday? It's completely my fault though, I definitely did that 'One for them, one for me' thing when I was Christmas shopping!

Josie x


  1. I don't think I own one plain white shirt which is crazy! I really need to stock up on basics/classics and whenever I read your posts I'm really inspired, then I spot a floral MinkPink kimono and it's in my wardrobe before you can say next day delivery. Argh!

    Tara xo

    P.S Loooove the eBay name. ;)

  2. I didn't realise how necessary a short sleeved breton top was until I actually bought one on a whim, now I couldn't imagine being without it! And ohh a Barbour parka, how I'd love one! However you remind me that when I get paid it should go on some of the basics I so desperately need. You definitely inspire me to build my wardrobe from the basics up for once, I tend to want to spend my money on pretty flashy things instead of the basics.

  3. I'm eBaying everything at the moment too! I'll definitely go check your items out :) x x

  4. Good luck with your Ebay sales Josie :) mine all end on Sunday! I hate bidding for stuff on Ebay, I'm totally useless at it haha. It can have like 2 minutes left and I'll have clicked away and got distracted and totally missed it! That olive ? coloured jumper is gorgeous, I really love that shade of green. I'm still suffering from Christmas spending too, and knowing that I really can't shop right now just makes me want to shop even more! xxx

  5. Aha, awesome Ebay name! Good luck with selling all of your bits and pieces :) Bidding on Ebay genuinely stresses me out - I get way too over excited about the whole thing! xxx

  6. I'm the worst at ebay, I've mostly given up looking because I always lose out on something I love, mostly because I forget about it until it's too late hehe. Love the look of the grey cardigan <3

    Jennie xo |

  7. Love all of these basics!
    Still to this day I own nothing striped.. I need to pick up a top like the one above!

  8. Thats a great idea putting it all up on Ebay, I really need a chic white shirt like this one and a striped tee is always required in ones closet.

  9. I love that skirt! Will have a look at your ebay!

    Julia xxx

  10. Lovely, classic pieces. You have great taste! Love the skirt. I'll have to have a look at your eBay... I'm a bit addicted! xx

  11. Ooh I love that striped tee! Can't believe I don't own one yet... crazy right?!

    I hear you on the money sitch... at the moment I feel as though I'm just as broke now as I was when I wasn't working.. madness!! Damn weekly payslips!

    Sophie xox

  12. Ah such a nightmare when you get outbid on ebay, especially when it's something you really want! Sorry I can't help you make more pennies, seen a few of your things that I would bid on but unfortunately I wouldn't be able to squeeze my big bum into them :) xx

  13. That skirt is a lovely shape, I really like it!
    I'm sick of being poor on payday, I'm still suffering the effects of paying for Christmas and my sister's wedding. Totally worth the money, but I'm bored of being poor now.
    I am however gonna check out your ebay, you have some great style girl!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  14. Stunning sweetie! I love all your picks! You have such a beautiful blog!

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  15. The wishlist is gorgeous perfect for this weather!

  16. Good set of wardrobe staples there, you can easily mix and match them.


  17. Lovely wishlist!


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