CF | Unexplained Breathlessness

Drugz 4 Mileeeeey *nomnomnom* 

Hello! So today I had to pop up to hospital to see them because for the past few days I've been feeling breathless and I don't really know why. I had that head virus thing but I think that's gone, I mean I was well enough to work and everything! I'm just literally like a fish gasping for air, even when I'm just sitting still, which is confusing because my chest feels clear. Such oddness. It's possible there's some rubbish in my lungs blocking some airways so this weekend is gonna be all about nebulisers and physio trying to sort it....funfunfun!

So I have started some tablets, I'm on Septrin or however it's spelt as well as Prednisolone which is a steroid and you know what that means...I'm gonna turn into a P-I-G because they make you so hungry. I eat a lot anyway but this is gonna be next level greediness and I'm actually looking forward to it, is that weird? I just really like to eat. Hopefully these will work and help get some air into my lungies because it's not very nice not breathing properly, I can't even talk without sounding like Stevie from Malcolm in the Middle (it was big, when I, was litttttle.) I'm back up there tomorrow for results of a CT scan I had on my nose because of my sinus annoyances, I think it should all be ok though. 

So to get over this little blip I bought Love Magazine, I adore the cover although I'm still undecided on Miley. She can twerk and all that if she wants to but her music is just awful which is why I'm not a fan. I also made an ASOS order, just something small but their site was going crazy and now it looks like I've ordered three of the same thing, waaaah!

Hope you're feeling good! It seems like everyone right now is so unwell.

Josie x


  1. Aww Josie that sounds rubbish. Noone wants to be like a gasping fish, hope you start feeling better soon! Did you order something exciting? I hope you really really liked it if you have 3 now :-P


    P.S. As I was reading this I had Eastenders on in the background- wrecking ball was playing in the Queen Vic, weird eh?

  2. Awh Josie, hope it all gets sorted out, must be horrible :(
    I really want to get LOVE magazine every time, but the price puts me off... Plus it's MASSIVE! No space for it hahah xx

  3. I hope these meds help you get back to normal Josie, saying a special prayer for you. Being able to eat more has got to be a good thing! I honestly can't handle Miley, simply because of the lows she has to go to get attention. Happy End of the Week!

  4. Hugs! Hope you feel better soon. x x x
    Just Me Leah

  5. Sending a massive round of hugs to you stylish girlie <3

    Sophie xox

  6. Just wanna say sending you good vibes, Josie. I do hope everything gets better soon.

    PS I love Miley:) I hope the mag helped a bit.

  7. Ahh I hope you feel better soon! ASOS orders and Love magazine sounds like a perfect combination to me!

    Jennie xo |

  8. oh goodness that doesn't sound like a fun weekend ahead! fingers crossed you'll feel better after though :) x

  9. Ahh no :( that sucks! fingers crossed for your CT scan results! Miley is just an awful singer! xx

  10. I was on Prednisolone for my atopic dermatitis, had to use quite potent steroid ointments as well as antihistamines and sedatives which are supposed to make you sleepy and fat but I can't say that made me more hungry than before. It's been 8 months and I'm still going through some sort of remaining symptoms. It's all very personal, don't be scared. You look very good.

  11. I hope you're feeling better soon, enjoy eating! :) xx

  12. I'm not sure about Miley either, her attitude is controversial but refreshing but her music blows.

    Hope you feel better soon.


  13. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling bad at the minute Josie, I hope these new tablets and the physio and nebulisers make you feel better very soon. And I hope your scan is all clear! Got to admit, I'd be looking forward to eating more too, I looove eating! xxx p.s. sorry Miley but I'm not a fan either!

  14. I hope your scan results came back okay and you start to breathe better STAT! It must be pretty scary. In general, I love Miley but she annoys me at times. Drugs ain't cool, fool!

    Tara x

  15. Stopping by to see how you're feeling J

  16. that sounds scary :\ Hope everything's ok, and I agree about miley, hate her music but she is everywhere right now so shes hard to ignore! xx


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