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Shoe Zone is a bit of nostalgic store for me, when white plimsolls were all the rage it was where I used to buy them super cheaply. Since then I've gotta admit it's a brand that kind of fell off my radar a little bit but when they kindly offered me the chance to review a pair of shoes I was pleasantly surprised to discover they have loads more to offer other than the aforementioned plimsolls (although you can still get them here!) In the end I went for the 'Lilley' pump in nude. To me, nude pumps are a must have in Spring/Summer and I love the rose gold detailing on these that just make them that bit more exciting. Despite them being the bargain sum of £12.99 they're soft and comfy so I don't think I'll be needing to break these in thank goodness! The toe cap detail seems sturdy too, one of the worries I have about pumps with any kind of embellishment is that they'll fall off but I'm not concerned at all about these getting ruined. I think they'll look mega cute worn with double denim once the weather warms up a little! 

Before I go I just want to quickly mention two of my favourite, favourite bloggers who have both just started new blogs...Julia is now blogging at in the loop and Daisy is at HOYDEN. Go check them out, they're better than the rubbish you're reading here ;)

Josie x


  1. Such a lovely detail in the front. And it looks pretty comfy too!

    I will def check out two bloggers you've mentioned <3 xx

  2. Ooh these are really pretty, loving the metal detail! xx

  3. These are so cute, I love the detail on the toes :) £12.99 is such a good price too! xx

  4. I love me a bit of Shoe Zone! These are gorgeous! xx

  5. These are divine! <3

    I must say I'm always pleasantly surprised when I go in one of their stores, from the outside it never looks like there's much in there but there are definitely treasures inside!

    Sophie xo

  6. So pretty, love the neutral shade, it will go with any outfit. I enjoyed reading your opinion on my last post. Happy Friday Dear!

  7. I like these cute pair:) I don't know this brand, though. Thank You for sharing such a nice post!
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  8. Such a bargain! Really unique design for the price xx

  9. These are actually really lovely! I like the pretty detailing on the toe cap especially. Shoe Zone seem to have some fab things in lately and for really good prices too :) xxx

  10. ooo i can totally see those with a double denim outfit! i really like the rose gold detailing too, it makes the flat so classy and posh. these were a lovely find.

    xo marlen
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  11. These are so cute, and will be great for versatile spring outfits! :)

  12. These are adorable, Josie!

  13. I'd usually walk past Shoezone (oops sorry if you're reading this Shoezone!) just because I didn't realise they carried such detailed and pretty shoes as this- most times I've been in and there's just been walls upon walls of black school shoes. But no they've really impressed me with these ballet flats- that detailing is really pretty. Will look great with some battered jeans and leather ala Josie style.
    And thanks for the shoutout missy!

    Daisy xxx

  14. Those shoes are so lovely, I never really look in shoe zone anymore but I might have too now! Thank you for the shout out Josie :)

    Julia xxx


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