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I really love those pouches that brands like Whistles and American Apparel do but for what they are I do think they're a little expensive so, inspired by The Great British Sewing Bee, I thought I'd have a go at making one myself (with a bit  a lot of help from my Mum.)

So I got the interfacing, zip and pale blue suede effect material in the shop (on sale, which was lucky!) and the floral lining is a really old bit of material that was my Nanny Joan's...I like to think she's happy I made something with it! I didn't have a pattern, my Mum used to sew all the time so she just told me what to do but as you can see it's a bit wonky and you can see my terrible hand sewing skills on the inside! Still, considering I haven't picked up a needle and thread since I was about 12 it wasn't too shabby for a first attempt. I'm definitely going to practise and will hopefully make more things because it was really fun and a better way to spend my time other than Candy Crush!

Hopefully this 'MADE' feature will be quite a regular thing on the blog because I'm always saying I wanna make this and do this but do I ever get round to it? NO, because I'm the Queen of 'I'll do it later.' But when I was in hospital earlier in the month I was so ill and breathless I could barely be bothered to hold a conversation and it got me thinking. Without wanting to be all dramatic I was thinking how one day it's very, very possible that I'll be stuck as ill as that on oxygen so if I am well enough to do things then I definitely should! It was a bit of a kick up the butt to be honest. So first up...learn to drive! Provisional has been sent for, eeeeee!

Josie x


  1. This is beautiful <3 I love the pastel colour, not to mention the pretty floral lining so-cute-it-hurts!

    I really admire people that turn their hands to such creative things, I wouldn't no where to start with a thread and needle haha and it's probably about high time I learnt! As for Candy Crush, my Mum started playing it the other day -- think the world might have gone slightly mad?!

    Congrats on applying for your provisional, you & Freddy'll be racing around in a swanky car in no time ;-)

    Sophie xo

  2. I am hella impressed! I wish I wasn't such a baby, we have a sewing machine that I never use. I love the lining inside!

    Tara x

  3. I love the colour of this, I might ask Ben's Aunt to make me one- she is fabulous at sewing, wheras I can't even sew a button on! xx

  4. Josie, congrats on making this bag. I like it:) Pretty soon, you'll be a sewing fiend.

  5. This is so cute, you are so talented :) I love the colour and the lining is so pretty! x

  6. It looks amazing - well done! Love the lining especially! :)

  7. oh very cute!)

    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

  8. Aw this is so good Josie! As if you made it, I would be absolutely useless. The lining is so cute as well - you should be proud :) xxx

  9. ah man i love diy! keep it up! i always make these! thankfully my sewing skills aren't as awful as my tutor thinks and i made a jumper the other day! got loads of these bags i dont know what to do with! xo

  10. This is such a cute colour, well done for making it :) good luck with learning to drive! xx

  11. Pretty bag! Can't believe it's handmade. I'm pretty terrible at things like that! Good luck with learning to drive, it's a right pain! haha xxx

  12. I love the clutch and I love that your nails match :)
    Good luck on learning to drive - I'm sure you'll be much more fabulous than I was! It took me.... a few tries to pass but eventually I had a little car (which I knew nothing about and eventually it broke down on the motorway - oh la la!)
    I love the great british sewing bee but am missing this series being out here :( xxx

  13. It's so cute, I love the colour! Reminds me I should get a move on with all my sewing projects I promised myself I'd start/finish a long time ago... haha. Good luck with your driving, I've been learning too. I can't say I like it all that much but it's quite all right once you get used to doing it! x

  14. The word sew and I don't go together too well, injuries have been incurred but I love this pretty idea so much, I think I will have to find a victim to help me make it, lol. Thanks so much for kindly stopping by...wishing you a marvelous weekend!

  15. You did a great little job with this Josie! My sewing skills are pretty much non-existent - I just can't get to grips with it at all heh heh. I love the gorgeous lining you chose (I'm sure your nanny would be pleased). Good luck with your driving lessons! The only thing I really hated was parallel parking - what a lark! xxx

  16. This is lovely! Gorgeous choice of colours and that lining is really special.

    Great work : )

    Faded Windmills

  17. I love this, you did such a great job, I can't believe that you haven't sewn for that long. You wouldn't know it from the finished product :) You should definitely make this a regular feature-I love seeing people's own original creations.

  18. Aw I love the colour of this!! You should make more and sell them. Looking forward to seeing more 'made' posts!

    Julia xxx


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