FASHION | The 5 Piece Wardrobe March Update

HA! I can no longer call this a 5 Piece Wardrobe Challenge any more for I have failed spectacularly this month. What can I say, shopping is my hobby. I could be bad and blame the fact that I've been in hospital this month and on IVs for almost 4 weeks but I can't really because it was no big deal I guess. I don't feel guilty about anything though, I love it all! Here's what I bought:

Top and Denim - Uniqlo

Because I got these with staff discount I just feel like they're guilt-free haha! These are the jeans of dreams, it's taken me so long to find a slim boyfriend fit with no distressing on them. I was worried they were maybe a little short but I now love the fit. I've been living in these so I'm kind of surprised they haven't popped up in an outfit post yet! The top was one from the men's section that I'd wanted for ages so when I saw they were down to the last sizes I grabbed one. I love it, as always with Uniqlo's menswear I think the fit really works for me.

Tee - ASOS | Jumper - Daisy Street via ASOS

As I said before, this tee is perfect because of the longer length sleeves (I no like my arms!) I think the knit is the only thing I got this month that I shouldn't have because although I love it now I can see us parting ways by the end of the year because I think it may just be a phase. But I have the grey version too (which is now just £8.50!) and live in it and seeing as this was only £13 at the time I just really wanted it because I cannot get enough of pink right now. I'm usually wary of cheaper brands but I really rate Daisy Street and have a long wishlist of their basics. Is it bad that I really want this? As if I need another stripy top! But I love this as well. 

Striped Top - H&M | Belt and Top - New Look

I've sung my praises for this striped tee already here, I think it might be my second favourite buy of the month (the trainers are number one!) It really is a high street gem! I hadn't shopped in New Look for the longest time but they've really upped their game in terms of design and quality and I've been so impressed recently. I saw the striped version of this top on my stepdad's daughter and I would've bought that one only I didn't want to be a total copycat...and as if I don't have enough striped things already (I take that back, you can never have too many stripys!) I got it in black because I thought the texture would make my all black outfits a little less boring and it's nice to have a top like this for meals out and stuff when you want to look a little smarter. The belt was kind of an emergency buy as the Primark one I've had for years has finally died. This one is a lot wider than I'm used to but I've been seeing wide belts a lot lately and really like how they look.

Shoes - Adidas via Schuh | Bag - Handmade (see here)

The shoes have definitely been my best buy, they've updated my wardrobe and are the comfiest things ever. I wonder how long I'll be able to keep them white though! The bag was made by me, it's not perfect but I like to think that just adds to its charm ;)

So, that's everything! I think my wardrobe has definitely been updated for Spring (although these are things I wear all year round anyway....) Next month I'll try to do better, although it's my birthday then so we shall see!

Josie x


  1. I love everything! A Uniqlo store is finally opening up in Australia soon, in the city I hope to move to this year, so finally I may be able to get my hands on their fantastic basics. I agree about New Look as well, I started noticing a lot of my ASOS saved items were by them, especially their shoes, and was surprised with the quality compared to the low prices. I love them especially because they often have shoes for wide feet like mine! x

  2. Oooh, you did so well! I want some boyfriend jeans!

    Tara x

  3. how can you feel guilty when you got those treasures? no way!

  4. I love everything you bought, the jeans sound lovely :) and you're right, you can never have too many stripes! xx

  5. You shouldn't feel guilty. These are certainly great pieces. Everytime I see your sneakers, it makes me really want one...hehe

  6. Way to go you for getting all crafty, I feel so bad for neglecting my sewing machine, I just don't know where to find the time. I love the powder blue clutch though, it's amazing!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  7. I love the trainers, you got some great busy and definitely deserve a treat!

    Claudia xxx

  8. Love the pink and striped sweaters, those are pieces I would undoubtedly add to my winter wardrobe. May your week be filled with calm & creativity.

  9. I do like taht pair of shoes too, nice choice, I agree!!!
    All of those pieces are super lovely:) Looks like you are ready to create lots of pretty outfits with them:) Can't wait to see) Thank You for sharing such a nice post!
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  10. I love how classic your wardrobe is! You always look amazing whereas I buy random items and never know what to wear! I'd love to totally reinvent my wardrobe like yours :) it's all fantastic! xxx

  11. great haul! can't wait to see how you would style them! x

  12. Loving the stripes and knits!! Seriously with you on these!

    Hope you're well xx

    Faded Windmills

  13. I just love the belt and top from new look :) xx

  14. Oh, I definitely think New Look is fab at the moment! I've had some awesome bargains from their sale :)
    All of these picks are great choices I think! You love your stripeys so you'll get plenty of wear <3 xxx

  15. You might not have stuck to the rules, but everything you've bought looks really great- definitely pieces that won't fester in the back of your wardrobe! xx

  16. I'm all for a bit of rule breaking.. especially when it comes down to shopping haha.

    I really love the pink knit jumper, such a cute colour! Have heard only great things about Daisy Street, I must check them out one of these days (:

    Sophie xo

  17. You've done pretty well so far and all these purchases are definitely musts, so it's not technically your fault.... haha You can never have too many striped tops in my opinion :) xxx

  18. The jumper from Asos is so cute Josie! xxx

  19. I love the colour of that jumper, so pretty! Love the shoes too, you never need an excuse for shopping...

    Julia xxx

  20. Great picks! Love the striped one. The jumper is also pretty. Great choice indeed!


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