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I don't know if anyone is interested in posts like these but I feel like chatting about it because it features animals. Yesterday I went to Chessington, which is a theme park if you didn't know, with my family for my cousin's birthdays (it was kind of like a joint thing.) We split into two groups and I went with the little three year olds so I didn't go on anything. At the end I attempted to go on the Vampire ride but I sat on and got off and ran away. It was better than last time though, last time I sat on, pulled the thing halfway down and panicked so got off, whacking my head. And I ran back into the queue instead of the exit so everyone was staring and laughing and my poor cousin had to ride it alone. At least this time she was with other people. Shame on me though, the ride had loads of little kids on it...I mean one of the people I was going on it with was a six year old! I just hate heights maaaan. 

You may think it was a waste of time of me going seeing as I didn't go on any rides but I saw a lot of animals which is my idea of a good day! We didn't make it to the actual zoo bit but I got to go in a pen full of goats which was good enough for me. I took no photos apart from the animals (and I don't think my family would appreciate their mugs on here anyways!) so I'll leave you with a few iPhone pics of my faves...non-animal lovers, look away now (and get off my blog anyway haha!)

A proper funky chicken! I don't know if you can really see but he had feathery legs. There was also ones that looked like they had pom-poms on their heads, they were hilarious.

Pink Flamingoes!

I don't know what the hell this is, it looked like a giant guinea pig but it went swimming. And I only just noticed that one behind it dribbling....caught it slippinnnnn'

I love donkeys! This one reminded me of Freddydog because it had a fat body and short legs haha. I took this for my mum who wasn't there because she loves donkeys also so this photo is her Mother's Day treat (I'm joking, I bought her this...I'm definitely going to be 'borrowing' the necklace!)

My new BFF! How cute? And also weird? I have decided to call it Tiny. I love monkeys, I could watch them all day although it does make me feel sad to see animals in cages. I felt sorry for these because the kids climbing frames were built around their pens so all they gotta listen to all day is screaming kids and screaming mums ('JOSHUA! GET DOWN NOW OR YOU'LL GO IN THE BUGGY!' 'Nooooo!') Kind of hellish, poor monkeys. 

I know the photos aren't the best and all that but if you'd like to see more 'Day Out' posts with crappy iPhone pics let me know!

Josie x


  1. Aaw, Tiny the monkey is very cute! I've forgotten what the giant guinea's are called too! xxx

  2. I want a Tiny! It looked like a lovely day out! I like the vary of posts too xxx

  3. Aw I love lifestyle posts, especially featuring cute little creatures, Tiny the monkey looks like he wanted to go home with you!

    // xx

  4. Tiny is adorable! I would've taken him home:D

  5. I love the donkey and the monkey, so cute! I don't really like rides either but still go to the theme parks sometimes. I still enjoy the atmosphere and everything at least, a day out is pretty much always good in my books. x

  6. I'm an animal-lover and I can spend a day or two in the zoo or wherever surrounded my these beautiful creatures. I saw the photo on your Instagram, and that tiny monkey made me smile :) xxx

  7. ah, i love the little monkey! the animals are so so cute!

    lindsey louise

  8. Great post! It's nice to have a nosey sometimes :) Those are some proper fancy chickens there! xxx

  9. Lovely post - those animals are adorable! Love the giant guinea pig things - they're called capybaras, aren't they? :)

  10. Gah Tiny is such a cute pie! Can we all have one?!

    I really enjoyed this post and you made me laugh so much, especially with the giant guinea pig part; they do look like guineas who have drunk Alice in Wonderlands potion haha!

    Talking of Vampires, I had a major freakout on that same ride. Because of me they had to stop the other carriage, so there was a load of people hanging mid-air, waiting for the show to begin! My friends never let me live that one down! I do like a roller coaster now, (not too massive though eek) but I agree it hurts when tiny tots are going on all these massive rides-- wth, I mean it shouldn't be allowed haha!

    Glad you had a lovely time at Chessington! <3

    Sophie xo

  11. I had to Google the Capybaras hahaha! I love them. Tiny is THE cutest. I've never been to Chessington but I love Alton Towers.

    Tara x

  12. All of the animals are so adorable!

  13. awwwwww lovely photos!!! The monkey is too cute <3 I went to the zoo the other day too, I love them but like you I feel sorry for the animals, there was a kid in the reptile bit just banging on the glass at lizards and crocs and his mum just let him! xx


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