Hat - H&M | Jacket - Zara | Jumper - Daisy Street | Trousers - Zara | Boots - Zara

Uh-ohhhh! My blogging game hasn't been very strong recently but I've just gone down a whole level by reverting back to blurry selfies in my dusty mirror. I would've taken proper ones but I had to dash (and I would've had to tidy my room as well.) Leather on leather isn't very Spring-appropriate, in fact I'm not sure it's ever appropriate because sometimes maybe you can have a little too much of a good thing. Fallen totally back in love with these trousers though, now I've gained weight they fit like a dream <3

 But anyhow, today I may do as I please because it's my burfdaaaaay *fist pumps* I didn't really care about it until last night when I got all excited all of a sudden and stayed up til 2am listening to Beyonce, I was all in my room dancing round like 'Surfboard...surfboard.' Behaviour like that you wouldn't think it was my 21st would you? My grandparents came over from Ireland yesterday and we went to see Spamalot, it was silly but I'm sure you'll be unsurprised to know that stupid things are totally my sense of humour. Today I think a lot of my family are coming round and then this weekend we're all going out so I'm looking forward to it! We're looking after Betty the Frenchie today as well, she's so cute! Freddy isn't so sure though haha but I'm sure they'll be best buds one day.

I guess before I'd go I'd better wish my twin brother Tommy a Happy Birthday too! Not that he reads this...

Josie x


  1. Happy Birthday you gorgeous girly! xo

  2. OMGosh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have the best day ever dude.

    P.S Leather on leather is always appropriate.

    Tara x

  3. Happy birthday lovely!

    Gorgeous as ever.


  4. Happy birthday! A day of listening to Beyonce is always a good time. Btw, your bedroom is SO COOL! I love those white hardwood floors.



  5. Happy Birthday Josie!!! Hope you have a fabulous day :) xxx

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We're almost birthday twins, my 18th is tomorrow. I'm not feeling that excited, buuut I am having a little gathering with friends tonight and I have some cool plans for tomorrow. I think I'll have a similar Beyonce-dancing-fest this evening ahahah. That or an existential crisis because I WILL BE AN ADULT. Crazy times. Ahhh Freddy is adorable, even if he's a bit jealous. Love your outfit, I love seeing them even if they've been taken with a phone aha! xx

  7. Happy birthday, petal!!!! Have a wonderful time with your family : )

    Faded Windmills

  8. Happy birthday lovely! 21 woohoo. xxxxx

  9. Happy Birthday, the big 21!
    So excited for you, go and have a great time gorgeous girl!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  10. Happy Birthday! Lovely outfit x

  11. Happy birthday beaut xxx

  12. Happy birthday to you and your brother, hope it's an amazing one! Do love your outfit here, your new boots are just so gorgeous! *_*

  13. Happy birthday, my fellow Aries:D And to your bro too:)
    And yeah....leather on leather should always be worn....seriously. You can't have enough leather!

  14. Happy Birthday! Have a lovely time :)

  15. You can never have too much leather imo! Loving your booties! xxx

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Josie!!! May you have a magical day filled with joy, laughter, lots of cake and presents. Wishing a wonderful year ahead. Love those boots.

  17. Wooooh, hope you had a fab birthday! Adore this ensemble, and that hat looks perfect!

    // xx

  18. Happy 21st for yesterday and it sounds like you celebrated in the coolest way possible (you can't beat Beyonce to kick things off for a start!) <3

    I really love this look not to mention your grey knit jumper, ultra gorgeous!

    Hope being 21 is awesome for you and that your dreams and hopes are all fulfilled (:

    Sophie xo

  19. Happy belated 21st birthday Josie!!! I hope you had the best time, how lovely that your grandparents came over and you went to see a show! You look amazing, even wearing leather on leather (which also somehow looks pretty amazing haha). Those new boots are fabulous! Look forward to hearing more about your birthday celebrations (and presents!!) xxx

  20. Belated Happy Birthday dear! Love your outfit for it rocks!!! Love the jacket.


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