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I'd seen this tag, created by Fee of MakeupSavvy, floating around a lot recently and thought it was such a wonderful idea! Seeing as a couple of bloggers were kind enough to give me mentions I thought I'd better share the love myself.

What was the first blog you ever came across?

WishWishWish, because I was googling Monkey World and this post popped up in my search. I remember I spent the whole afternoon just scrolling through the archives and just thinking 'WOW, this is fun!' I didn't start my own blog until about a year or so later though.

Favourite blog reads?

Now this one is mighty hard because I have a helluva lot of favourite reads! I'd say go through my bloglovin' for the full list but here's a few of my faves off the top of my head: Lauren Woodward and Trini for their classic, chic, French style that I can only dream of pulling off. Daisy of HOYDEN because she pulls of tricky trends so effortlessly, she makes me want to be a bit braver with my fashion choices. Helen from The Lovecats Inc because I want to steal her coats/denim/shoes/bags, in fact I just want it all. Katie from The Gravity And She because her style is just so flipping cute!

I'm not a big reader of beauty blogs but I really love Simply Sarah for honest reviews of products that I'm likely to buy (like I don't care for a review of a £30 hairspray because no matter how amazing it is I'm never gonna spend that much on a spray!) I've been really loving her photography lately too. Parisian To Be and Bonjour Luce are also blogs I really like reading....I love how they write!

Best blogging friend?

I think I'm lucky enough to say I have many blogging friends and I think they know who they are! Although special mention must go to Sophie from soinspo, we're lucky that we've been able to meet up which is awesome!

Name a blog that enables your purchases?

I could name so many, basically every blog I read! Although, like the loser that I am, I've bought many things after seeing them on Lucy of Fashion Me Now in the tragic hope that once I put on the same gypsy blouse that she owns that I'd somehow morph into a super-cool blonde as well. Unsurprisingly it doesn't work. Oh to be that woman!

5 blogs that everyone should be reading:

1: Faiiint. Steph always looks so awesome in her gorgeous photos and I love how she always stays true to her own style instead of trying to keep up with trends. She's like this beautiful, dark angel gal which is so cool. Plus she is lovely and has a beautiful husky called Nico, they look so good together! See what I mean? Like I couldn't imagine her with a little girly dog like Freddy haha.  

2: Style Coke. I love Kate's blog. It really shows the fun side of fashion, it's just so nice and pretty to look at. Kate has a really lovely way of writing too, I can't really explain but it's just so bubbly and surprise there though, as she's a total sweetie! 

3: Raisin Heart. First of all Hannah is a dog lover so she immediately gets a thumbs up from me! Her blog is a mixture of everything really, mainly lifestyle I'd say and I'm always interested to read what she has to say. And how cute is her blog design?

4: Tea.Three.Sugars. Hannah's blog is lovely, lovely, lovely, just like the lady herself. Her blog is just so cute and it's like she's writing to a really feel like you get to know Hannah which is so nice.

5: The Style Rawr. Couldn't do a blog love tag without mentioning this blog (they're both lovely ladies although special mention must go to Tara of course!) Jade and Tara both dress a lot funkier than me and they always look amazing. I love that they're a blogging duo as well, I think that's quite unique!

Your favourite way to read blogs.

I love bloglovin' (you can follow Josie's Journal here if you like!) and I find Twitter is really useful to get links to new posts and new blogs as well. Mine's here, leave me your links!

Blogs that inspire you.

Fashion wise I'd say Becky May really inspired me to go back to basics because she puts together the most simple things without ever looking boring, South Molton Street Style was a helpful one to read as well...check out the Essentials series for loads of inspiration (and then check out the rest of the blog because it's fab, plus Anna has a little dog called Lopez who makes quite a few appearances!) Also afterDRK has inspired me to change the way I shop, Sabrina's 5 Piece French Wardrobe concept is so interesting (although I'm totally failing! Hopefully gonna get back on track this month!)

Some bloggers that inspire me life-wise(?) are Rhiannon from Everything But The Kitchen Sink because the girl is like Superwoman! She works so hard and I'm absolutely certain that it's all going to pay off for her. Izzie of Isobel always makes me want to do something creative every time she posts about something she's made. Sam from All I Know Now because she's been through tough times but is so wise and mature about things and she's off to Thailand this year to do volunteering which I'm sure will be an amazing adventure! And Andrea from La Nouvelle Noire because she went off to Paris all by herself to study and she's going to be next Elle Woods for sure! I think anyone who travels to another country to work/study/volunteer are extremely brave, that kind of thing scares me!

Favourite blog design or look?

I'm a big fan of minimalist designs in everything so it's no surprise I like that kind of look for my blog! Mine was designed by the very talented pipdig who has also done designs for The Lovecats Inc, In My Sunday Best and The Little Magpie to name a few. I also like the look of The Jade Aesthetic (which is a great read too, girl's hilarious!)

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

Apart from talking to lots of lovely, like-minded people it's just fab having my own space to ramble about whatever I like, from CF to fashion to Freddy. I'm not very good at keeping diaries so it's nice I have something online I can look at that's full of memories. I like how it's helped me somewhat refine my style too! Blogs are an endless source of inspiration.

Name a blogger that you would most like to see write a book in the future!

Jennie of course! With illustrations by Carly. I want to read lots of Violet and Ted adventures!

So that's it! Quite a long tag, but there are so many blogs that I love. I'm sure I've forgotten to mention so many favourites, when I look back at this I'm gonna be like 'Nooooo, I've left people out!' so I'll probably do a Blogger Love post or something soon.

Have I mentioned any of your favourites? Let me know your fave reads!

Josie x


  1. You've mentioned lots of blogs I adore too! Tara, Jade, and Jennie are the sweetest girls <3 There are a couple that I'm not familiar with so I'm going to check those out now. Thank you for the mention Josie! <3 xxx

  2. Thank you so much for the mention, Josie!! You have mentioned so many, I will definitely have to check these out :) xxx

  3. Ahhhh this is so weird, Wishwishwish was my first blog love/read and I too spent hours going through her archives when I first discovered her. Carrie is amazing. Thank you for the mention, it's so sweet of you <3 I follow quite a few of the bloggers you mentioned, but I'll definitely check out the ones who aren't so familiar! xx

  4. Such a fab post, I really love these tags!

    I adore Carrie's blog too, that girl has so much elegance it's unreal. Plus her snaps of Las Vegas are the best, makes you want to just hop on a plane tomorrow haha <3 I definitely love most you've mentioned but on the other hand, can't wait to check out some more you've recommended, they all sound like such amazing bloggers!

    Thank you so much for the mention, it's amazing we've got to meet-- I feel so lucky to have met you!

    Sophie xo

  5. Great to get to know you more. Tara and Jade's blog are one of my favourites at the moment.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  6. This was such a wonderful Tag and a great way to learn about more blogs! I am thankful for your comment. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I love your attitude towards this blogging sphere my dear :) And it must be really nice to meet up with Sophie! I love her lovely style xx

  8. Raisin heart is a gorgeous blog!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  9. Awww, thank you for the mention lovely! You know you're a firm favourite of mine to read of course :) xxxx

  10. Omgosh Josie, I have so many new blogs to add to my reading list haha - I reallly like Trini's style! Thanks so much for the shout out, I love that you think we're funky dressers bahaha. <3

    Tara xo

  11. Carrie's blog was the first I came across too, I'd blogged when I was younger but back then it was all about making little pixel gifs and writing poems, not the savvy way of keeping in touch with the world that it is now! I still love Carrie's blog, and all of her fabulous photos/outfits/everything! Wish Wish Wish is the only 'really big blog' that I always like to catch up with. There are of course other big blogs that I enjoy reading, but I'm less likely to scroll through the archives. Steph's blog should definitely be on everyone's reading list - she's so unique and beautiful and she has a way with words like no other! Thank you so so much for mentioning me Josie, I am so flattered! You've mentioned quite a few of my favourites here too, Carly's illustrations are the sweetest! I can't wait to check out some of your other favourite blogs, I've just opened so many in new tabs haha :) what a cute post, I might have to do something similar soon! xxx

  12. Thanks for the shoutout Josie ^_^ it's criminal that you've said such kind words and I haven't even been following you :o I've amended that now!

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  13. Great post, love posts like this! So many blogs I haven't heard of that now I'm going to check out! Mmm yeah Saturday night internet time! Thanks so much for the mention too, so sweet :) Also love Anna Hart's blog, found it cause my boyfriend showed me it! He used to work with her at Vestiaire collective! Love it x

  14. Ah thank you so much for the mention Josie!! Feel very privileged :-) xxx

  15. Aww, Josie, thankyou so much for the mention & sweet words (Nico says thankyou too! Haha) <3
    I love this tag, I really need to do it myself when I have some spare time, it's such a nice way to spread the love & introduce others to lots of awesome blogs! You've mentioned a few of my favourites here too, but lots I hadn't come across before as well, so going to check them out now! :)


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