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Rocking the hospital gown! With an orange lip of course ;)

So last week on Thursday I had my annual review at the CF Clinic, it happens yearly where you just have a bunch of tests including bloods, x-rays and ultrasounds. It's like when your car has an MOT I guess! I was supposed to have a DEXA scan too which checks your bones but it got cancelled so I have to go back in a month for that! I won't get the results until maybe the end of next month but I think everything will be ok. I also saw the physio and I was telling her how I think my breathing has gotten worse over the last year and how I get more tired etc but then I smashed last years record when I did the fitness test so I looked like a big fat liar haha! But she did believe me and was so lovely and helpful and also gave me some exercises because I've had a pain in my side ever since I got pneumonia last summer. I was stupid really, I definitely should have mentioned it before now! My dietician was happy too, I've managed to keep my weight up despite all the stressiness that's been going on lately. My lung function was 40% which isn't great but my lungs actually felt really good that day so I'm confused! To be honest I think some people get a little caught up with lung function numbers, to me I just base things on how I feel...sometimes I've gone in feeling like crap but had a high lung function and other days like this one it's been low despite me feeling great! All in all they were really happy with me, in fact I got told I was 'fabulous' *flips hair*

So obviously I had to pop into Primark and buy a couple of bits in celebration:

I also bought  a jacket from H&M which I'm sure you'll be seeing soon enough! Not that I should have bought anything because on Friday I finally quit my job. I feel super sad about it even though I know it was the best thing to do for my health. They were so lovely and sad to see me go, I almost wish they'd not cared then it would've been easier haha! They said if I want to go back I can and it may even be possible to get a transfer to a store a bit closer to home which would be good because I like the job and I like the actual company loads. I'm going to miss the people but there's no doubt I'll be back down Oxford Street shopping so I can always pop in and I can still go out for drinks and that! I can't believe I've actually left though, feels weird. I feel scared I won't find another but I'm sure I will! Even if I have to wait a couple of months which to be honest I think I'd rather because then I can concentrate on things at home. I'm lucky I don't have to work, it just means I have to cut down on the spending *sobsob* Oh, and as for my brother he is now off the intensive care ward, he's not on a regular one but more like one in between the two. He's still unwell and has a way to go but it's a step forward! After only a few weeks too! Very proud.

Josie x


  1. You and your brother are clearly both superstars! xx

  2. Such a nice post to read on a Monday morning, I'm glad you feel everything went good at the hospital, and I'm so pleased and relieved for you all that your brother is taking little steps towards recovery all the time. Don't worry about finding a new job, it will happen when the time is right because you're lovely and who wouldn't want you to work for them! xxx

  3. Agree with Hannah! Such a lovely read and I am so so pleased for you and how well you are doing :) You are so inspiring Josie! You definitely deserved those treats, at the end of the day, money will always be money but your health and family are far more important, so should be rewarded! Also, well done for quitting your job - probably wasn't easy but I'm glad you're putting yourself first :)
    Really pleased for your brother too - it's got to be a big sigh of relief for you and your family! xxx

  4. Happy to hear things went okay at the hospital, and glad that your brother has made some progress! Good luck with everything - it can't have been an easy decision to quit your job, hope your health sees some benefits from it x

  5. Eep, I'm glad everything went well! That's great news. I'm sorry you had to quit your job but you will definitely find another, I'm sure of it! Maybe you could do something from home in the meantime, and you will have more of a chance to work on your greetings cards :) I'm glad your brother is off intensive care now, that's a great step forward! xxx

  6. It's great to know everything went well - and you are right to reward yourself :)


  7. Sorry to hear about your job, but on the flip side its great your fitness results was good. Hopefully the other results will be great. Sending you love and light for the week ahead xo

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

  8. Glad your review went well, and love those little bracelets you treated yourself too. Great to hear your brother is getting better too :) xx

  9. Glad to hear your brother is out of intensive care, and yay for the good results of at the CF Clinic.:D That's certainly a good excuse to go shopping!

  10. I'm glad to hear that your review went well and that your brother is getting better :) Good luck with the job hunt! xx

  11. Hi Josie, I am happy to hear the checkup went as planned, I hope all the results will come back positive. I think that quitting your job was a really wise and unselfish thing to do, your health and life comes first and this way, you will be able to take better care of yourself. It was great hearing your thoughts, have a splendid week ahead!

  12. so glad your review was good! hope you continue to feel better and stay off those pesky IV's! i know i said on twitter that i loved those bracelets, but i'll say it again: they're so nice! definitely gonna have to be a copycat and get them myself.
    glad your brother is a bit better too, that's really encouraging to hear and i hope he makes a full recovery super quick!

    hope you're having a lovely day and enjoying the sunshine! i'm gonna have a proper stalk of your blog ;)

    from helen at

    ps. There's £250+ worth of beauty products up for grabs on my blog, if you're interested! Click here.

  13. You picked up some really nice bracelets I particularly like the top ones. thats such a shame that you had to leave your job, I'm sure your health will appreciate it in the end xx

  14. great that you are feeling better !! :) hope your brother will get better asap


  15. So glad your review went well :) defo deserve a Primark splurge! It's a shame that you had to leave your job, but health comes first and I'm sure they'll have you back in a heart beat! Like the saying goes, once one door closes.... Xxx

    P.s LOVING your cards btw, gonna snatch a few of them up!

  16. Really love post to read Josie, and massive congrats to you for doing so well! Get you smashing the fitness test, you go girl ;-) I think those beautiful Primark bracelets and the H&M jacket were well deserved!

    It's nice to hear you were lucky in having some lovely people to work with, but I'm sure they in turn felt doubly lucky to have had you being part of their team. It's never easy leaving a job, but good for you for making the right choice and doing what was best. Can't imagine you'd find it hard to get another job; like I said anyone would consider themselves lucky to have you I'm sure! Wishing you well with your next step, I reckon your cards will be super successful too, it's all very exciting stuff! <3

    Sophie xo

  17. i'm glad to hear your review went well! too sad you had to quit your job. but you're definitely will find another one.

    Love the bracelets you bought at primark.
    Good luck with finding a new job and your brother. I hope he gets better soon!

    ps. you've got mail :)

  18. Love the bracelets x

  19. I am so pleased for you that your brother has moved from intensive care!!

    Secondly I think you definitely rocked the hospital gown and lipstick - also congrats on the exercise test that is great :) I agree with Sophie above you really should sell your cards on Etsy I think they would go down a treat I would definitely stock up on them,I think they are fab xxx

  20. You sure know how to pick accessories well. Thanks for sharing them. I am sure you will look lovely in them.

  21. YES tbh never seen someone look so good in a hospital gown so round of applause for that. Good to hear that it's positive on the CF front and that your brother is doing better! It's frustrating when someone you know is in an in-between ward like you say but once he's checked in to a regular ward, hopefully he'll be out quicker than you think :)

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  22. Glad to know you're okay & that your brother is getting better(:
    I wish they had a Primark here in the US! Probably the most frustrating thing is seeing people talk about Primark and not having it here :'( hahahah loved the post though, & rock on girl!

    xx shirley

  23. It's great that you are feeling better---those tests sound absolutely terrifying, and I would be a nervous wreck dealing with all of that. Also, here's to hoping that you can find another position closer, or do something you've always wanted to do in your spare time.


    Another Beautiful Thing

  24. Hi Josie

    I have just come across your lovely blog and what a gem it is. I'm pleased to hear that your check up went well, and hopefully the results will be positive, and that your brother is getting better.

    Looking fab in the gown!


  25. Bravo on styling up the hospital gown so well!
    Lots of happy little things in this post in spite of what must have been a tough decision to leave the job and a hard journey with your brother. It's really hard to say this without sounding patronising or twee but you're an incredibly inspirational lady, so thanks for that!
    M x


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