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A ball of fluff and using a toilet roll as a you do.

Sometimes I feel like doing little chatty life updates that just don't really fit in with outfit posts or things! And seeing as Freddydog is a big part of my life and therefore this blog I thought I'd just do a little update on him. It's probably well weird to dedicate a post to my dog's mental state ain't it?

Things in my house are obviously very different with my brother being in hospital. He's still in intensive care but makes little steps of progress every day which is brilliant although he's got a very long way to go and we don't know what is going to happen really but we're pretty sure that his recovery is going to be long. He's been in hospital for two weeks now and this whole time my Mum has been staying nearer the hospital to be with him and Freddy is missing them lots. The day after my brother got ill he was picking up on my worried vibes and was following me around all day pining and then he ran out the front door which he never does and nearly got run over. He's also been licking his paws loads and won't eat much so he's lost quite a bit of weight (which fatboy kinda needed to do) so when he had to go to the vets to get his booster jabs she gave me some natural calming stuff for him because he can't sleep at night. As you can see they're working! That vet was actually hilarious, she didn't say 'your dog' or 'your pet' or 'Freddy' she said 'your precious.' So all day I was following Freddy going 'Myyyyy PRECIOUS!' Gollum stylee. Don't think he liked it much. 

But anyway, just wanted to dedicate a post to Fredster because he's been such a comfort for me, especially lately with everything that's going on. He knows I feel sad I'm sure because he's been extra cuddly...don't know what I'd do without this little one!

Josie x


  1. Fingers crossed your brother continues to keep making those small steps- they all add up and slow and steady wins the race.

    We had Freddy puppies in work on Friday as one of the nurses was fostering them after the mum died- bottle feeding a two week old pup? Cutest thing ever!


  2. Sorry to hear your brother is still in intensive care Josie, but so glad he's making progress however small it may be. I hope he continues to recover and I'm thinking of you and your family, and of course little Freddy dog. It's so sweet that he's being extra cuddly towards you when you need it most, and I bet he needs those cuddles too. Had to laugh out loud at 'my precious'!!! Sending lots of love and get well vibes xxx

  3. awww poor Freddy. What is happening with him? I'm a vet. And so sorry about your brother, he is blessed to have you as his sister! Praying for his speedy and complete recovery!

  4. Thinking of you and your family Josie!

    It's so sweet how Freddy has sensed your worry and is feeling a bit worried himself. I hope he feels better and sleeps through the night. Your preciiiious!

    Tara x

  5. Thinking of you & your brother Josie. Freddy looks like the cutest pooch, it's true! :)


  6. Sending your brother (and you) lots of good webby vibes Josie. Glad you've got Freddy there to look after you preciousssssss!
    M x

  7. He's adorable, so sad that he got run over! I hope Freddie and your brother get better really soon :)

    Claudia xxx

  8. Freddie is my wee favourite. I bet him and Batdog would be best pals. I hope him and your brother get better soon.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  9. Hugs. Sending good vibes to all of you. xxx

  10. Ahh little Freddy is adorable - I'd certainly want to 'borrow' him for cuddles! Sending you and your family hugs and thoughts,any close relative in hospital is never easy but remember that we're all thinking of you. xx

  11. Aaaaaaw....dogs are called man's best friends for a reason. Freddy is such a sweetheart:)
    Sending your whole fam some positive vibes, Josie. Hang in there.

  12. What a cute vet hehe! Aaw, I hope Freddy gets a good nights sleep soon, I know how he feels!
    Sending love and best wishes to your bro and family - I so hope his recovery goes well and is as speedy as possible.

  13. Its amazing how sensitive and thoughtful animals are, I am sure he really misses your brother, praying for his quick recovery.

  14. Pets truly are the best and Freddy sounds like such an amazing dog! Wishing your brother a speedy recovery xx

  15. pets know these things are going on all too well, i thought the first picture was a cushion! my cats have all that herbal calming stuff - they know when the other is upset and one has a incurable illness so we try our hardest to keep them happy! sending SO much love to you and your family xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    ps. that gollum thing would of freaked me the fuck out haha!

  16. I'm actually really pleased you have Freddy - you know sometimes when you're not in the mood to talk to someone but a dog is just perfect because they're just there for you? I feel like he is great for those moments :) I really do hope your brother is ok! And of course, hope you're ok! Make sure you look after yourself too cos you often forget when someone else requires your attention :) xxx

  17. This was such a lovely, heart warming post to read Josie! It's too sweet that gorgeous Freddie is on hand for cuddles and affection when you need him, and even sweeter (but sad too of course) that he can feel your pain. Guess it means he cares so much about you though, which in itself is adorbs! <3
    I showed this post to my boyf, because he's such an animal lover and he thought it was lovely too! (:

    Sometimes it's nice to get your feelings and goings on down, it can feel like a weight off your shoulders. Am so glad to hear Tommy is making progress, and I hope the road to recovery is as smooth as it possibly can be. Thinking of you and your family sweet. x

    Sophie xo

  18. I don't find the dog updates weird at all, I enjoy reading them! Dogs always seem to have their own little personalities and I'm glad Freddy's making you feel better. I hope you and your family are all okay - it's good to hear that your brother is making progress :) xx

  19. What a little cutie. Hahaha 'myyyyyy precious' is hilarious! Hope you and your family are okay. :)

    Kirsten |

  20. hey! It's taken me ages to get used to this Disqus malarky, it just would not recognise my username!!
    anyway, hope your brother is doing ok. Sorry to hear he's still in intensive care :( but hopefully that won't be for much longer and he continues to recover.

    Freddy is just too cute! He has one of the sweetest little faces ever! xx


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