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Coat - Matalan | Jumper - Daisy Street via ASOS | Denim - Zara | Boots - Topshop

Yep, I do that wanky thing with my coat. It is seriously cosy though! Not that you should have to stay cosy in May but I won't complain about the weather because I remember how absolutely freezing it was last year!

This jacket/jean/boot combo has become a bit of a go-to recently, mainly because I leave them on a chair and they're the first thing I grab as I'm in a rush most of the time lately. But this is the first time I've properly worn this jumper, despite telling myself I was gonna wear it all the time when I bought it during yet another failed 'spending ban.' Isn't the colour just lovely though? Much sweeter than my usual thing but I really like it. 

A bit of a busy day today, I think I'm going to have to take poor Freddydog back up the vets this morning because he's limping and licking his paw, I think he has a grass seed stuck in it poor boy! And then hopefully I'll be up the hospital to see my brother, I want to see my grandad too because it's his birthday! Happy birthday Grandad! It was my Nan's yesterday so happy birthday to her as well, I think it's funny their birthdays are so close to each others. 

In other news I think I'm finally going to quit my job this week but I'm sure you'll get a rambly emosh post all about it! So yeah, look forward to that haha. 

Josie x


  1. i love the pink/grey combination!

  2. The pink really suits you. Lovely outfit!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  3. I love the lippy!
    I hope quitting your job is not too sad for you, I'm sure you have a good reason and you can go on to better things.

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  4. Pink definitely looks lovely on you Josie! Poor Freddy, I hope the nice vet sorts his paw out! xxx

  5. Happy bday to your nan and grandpa:) And I hope everything goes well with Freddy.
    PS I do love that sweater:)

  6. Happy birthday to both of your grandparents aw! Poor Freddy, he's such a sweetie.
    I just quit my job in order to focus on exams, less money booo but more time yaay!
    I laaav the coat and jumper combo, plus your lip colour looks fab on you! xx

  7. Nice look.....and what great room

    x mounia

  8. Oh lovely colour combo dude! That jumper is gorgeous, really sweet shade.

    Happy birthday to the fambles, and looking forward to hearing more about the job sitch!!

    Faded Windmills

  9. I hope Freddy's paw is ok. Love the colour of your jumper! xx

  10. Am in love with that jumper and your lip colour. You pull off the over-the-shoulder coat look really well, you look super cool (and of course grey and pink is just my favourite thing ever). Happy Birthday to your grandparents and hopefully the vet will sort out Freddy's paw :) xx

  11. Love the pink jumper. My puggy gets grass seeds all the time, I just get told to bathe it in salt water and rub his paw with a cotton bud or put savlon on it. Both work and it saves the vet bill! :)

    Claudia xxx

  12. Good luck with quitting your job, love the look.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

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  14. Poor freddy,hope he is ok - I hate it when my dog gets poorly! Love that jumper so much especially as its been so darn cold the last few days!

    Good luck with leaving your job! xxx

  15. You look sooo snuggly in that jumper! It is a lovely colour. I hope Freddydog and your brother feel better soon. As for the job, I hope you can find another closer to home. <3

    Tara x

  16. I love the colour of your jumper :) I hope your grandparents both had good birthdays and I hope Freddy gets better soon! xx

  17. This jumper looks lovely on you, I've avoided anything pink my whole life but it stares at me everywhere I go at the moment so took the plunge and bought my first pink item, I'm not quite a convert but I do like it. Just been having a little catch up on your blog after my holiday and just wanted to say I hope your brother is feeling better soon and that Freddy is back to his normal old self :) xx

  18. haha wanky coat thing, best description ever but it does look really cosy! I hope Freddy feels better soon! <3

    Jennie xo |

  19. That pink jumper is too amazing! I love it <3

    I hope Freddy feels tons better soon & that everything went/goes OK with quitting your job. Worst feeling when you just want it to be over and done with!

    Sophie <3

  20. You look great. Have fun with your grandpa.
    Hope everything gets better.


  21. Happy Birthday to your wonderful grandparents. Loving your charming pink jumper, looks great with grey. Thanks for stopping by, I always value your opinion!

  22. You look lovely ^__^ and happy birthday to your granddad c:

  23. Pink is such a pretty colour on you, Josie! Loving the boots too :) Aww poor Freddy dog! Hope your nan and grandad had great birthdays xxx

  24. This outfit is to die for, everything about it is spot on! Love your room btw x


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