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It's fair to say that May was a tough old month. I'm not one to look back and be like 'Argh, today was such a bad day!' and all that because most things don't tend to bother me but my brother being so unwell in hospital was absolutely horrible, it's the worst thing seeing a loved one so ill...stupid little things like your bus being late or leaving your umbrella on the train and all the other things people tend to get so wound up about mean nothing at all. For the first time I had some understanding of what it must be like for my family when they see me really ill because of CF being a bitch, even though I've never been as ill as my brother was. He's thankfully at home and getting better though, slowly but surely. 

Leaving my job was also a huge bummer but I still think it was the right thing to do. I loved it and miss it so much but the hours were just too long and it was too far was affecting my health and I had to keep calling sick all the time which I hated even though they were so lovely about it. I'd rather have a job that I'd actually be able to do! I've applied for a few since but had no luck so far, rejection is never nice but I'm not taking it personally...there were others simply more qualified or maybe they just applied before I did or things like that. I feel certain that by the end of the summer I'll have another job so I'm not too worried. 

Then just to add on top of all that I got this huge wave of loneliness, something that I think comes hand in hand with Cystic Fibrosis and other long term conditions. It's an issue that I'd like to discuss in a future post so I'll leave it for now.

Maybe because it's halfway through the year I'd got into a bit of a slump, kinda like how Wednesday's hump day y'know? I'd kept it all together until Saturday night where I had a right old pity party, I'm talking crying in the shower and writing a cringey tweet kinda thing, staying up all night feeling sorry for myself. It did me absolutely no favours because when I get upset it makes me really ill...that tight-chested, heavy-hearted feeling really doesn't help when you can't even breathe properly anyway! I know from experience that I really can't feel sad because it just makes me so ill so I gave myself a big kick up the bum and realised things aren't so bad after all. If I'm going to be having all this free time I may as well make the most of it! So, feeling inspired by Hayley and Kirsty, here's a list of the things I'd like to achieve this June, aka The Happy List:

  1. Book my first driving lesson.
  2. Spring clean my room (I already had a huge wardrobe clearout and stuck it all on depop, my username is josiesjournal if you want to grab yourself a bargain!)
  3. Cook at least one dinner a week for my family because it's not fair my mum has to do it all, especially as she hates cooking!
  4. Visit The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace.
  5. Work on my Etsy store and maybe set up a Facebook page.
  6. Start reading a new book, possibly something by Sebastian Faulks because I adored Birdsong.
  7. Do some baking! Nothing fancy, just a mix from a box would do (lazy, but they taste good ok?)
  8. Go to the cinema, I really want to see Maleficent.
  9. Don't buy any new clothes because I have plenty, it's definitely time to 'shop my closet'!
  10. Comment on at least 5 new blogs a day.
A bit of an ambitious list but I'll give it a go! What would make it on your Happy List?

Josie x


  1. Onwards and upwards for June!

  2. I hope June is everything you want, and deserve, and more. Glad to hear you're brother is at home and on the mend x

    Beccy ~

  3. It's good to focus on the happy things in June! On my happy list for June: Working on my blog really hard, watch a lot of football/soccer and keep running.

  4. Hi Josie, I always feel it hardest on my family and friends when it comes to dealing with CF .So it must have been so tough having to be strong for your brother too! I am sorry about the job hunt, is so frustrating unable to work proper hours but we will both find something great soon :) I think you should definitely keep working at your etsy shop!!! I think a post about loneliness will be tough to write but it is such a big part of dealing with CF so will be great awareness! xxx

  5. I really like these kind of posts (most because I'm nosey haha) but I definitely think it's a good to have some ideas of what you want to do! May might have been rubbish, but it's been and gone now so there's no point in worrying about something that has past, right? :)
    Good luck with your shop too! xxx

  6. I hope June brings you some happiness, you certainly deserve it.
    Keep smiling.

    - xx

  7. i hope june is going to be a better month for you! it's good to focus on happy things, and leave the bad things behind
    it's a great happy list, good luck with everything and i hope your brother is feeling better soon! xxx

    ps. i reeeally looooove that palm tree printed dress, too bad i don't live in the uk :( :(

  8. Hi Josie, I am glad that your brother is recovering, and I think leaving the job was the best decision for you, now you have time to work on your beautiful cards! Hope you're feeling better, we all have those pity parties, so you are not alone in this. Love your ambitions, hope you achieve them all! Thanks so much for stopping by, wishing you positivity in your week ahead!

  9. I think i will be applying for more jobs and getting more involved in my blog!
    I know how you feel about the loneliness, having a long term mental illness can be quite isolating, but us bloggers always have each other!

    Gems x

  10. I love the idea of making a happy list on a blog.. very inspirational.
    I think we all have those nights, so when you feel lonely you're not alone, we have all been there. I hope you're smiling xxx

  11. I'm so glad to hear your brother's at home and on the road to recovery, here's hoping for a smooth ride to getting better :) I know how hard it is to see someone you love so ill, and I hope you don't have to go through that again. Good luck in your job search, I'm sure something will turn up for you soon if you keep looking and applying. Sorry to hear you're feeling lonely :( I hope this happy list gives you some things to look forward to and I hope blogging and reaching out to new blogs makes you feel a little bit less alone. Don't buy any clothes is on my list this month (year?!), after clearing out my own wardrobe from two into one, I've realised I have enough clothes to last a lifetime! I've still got quite a lot to put on Depop, everyone keeps telling me it's really good :) I really want to see Maleficient too! xxx

  12. I featured your blog in my latest post :)


  13. My stepdad fell off a roof at work on Wednesday so I know how you're feeling about seeing your brother in hospital! I really want to see Malificent, wish I could go with you!

  14. Hope June is indeed a happy month for you :) I'm trying to read more too, I've completely got out of the habit recently! x

  15. This blog post almost makes me want to cry. These past few weeks haven't been great for me, and often I find myself bottling these things up and then having a bit of a breakdown day like yourself. It's hard to stay positive when even the little things are going wrong (for example, I booked tickets to go and watch Maleficent but when I got to the cinema all of the seats were taken, UGH) but just pushing through the tough times seems to be the only way. My heart is with you girl, and all my love and best wishes. xxx

    Chloe @

  16. (((((hugs))))) Josie, we've all months like this. Hopefully, June will get you out of the slump. That list sounds good:)

  17. Aw Josie :-( Sorry to hear that you are feeling down in the dumps at the mo, definitely been down there with you recently and this has inspired me to make my own happy list for June too! Life is full of swings and roundabouts, so surely you'll be on the way up again soon ! xxx

  18. This is a great list :) The best chocolate cake I've had was from a mix so don't feel too guilty haha! xx

  19. Edita Lozovska2 June 2014 at 16:45

    Josie. Here's an idea, bake some and invite some friends over just for a chat & afternoon tea. Speaking to close ones makes you feel better, honest! Hang in there! x

  20. You'll definitely get a new job, your old one sounded a bit much for me ha! I hope you feel all better soon, I'm so happy your twinnie is on the road to recovery.

    Tara x
    P.S You probably noticed I bought one of your cards yesterday - excited much! <3

  21. Hannah Cornish2 June 2014 at 16:57

    Hope your brother is well and I hope you're in a better place, too :) The list sounds achievable, you can do it girl!

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog
    @ hannatalks

  22. Great goals, hope you manage to achieve them! I love June. It's so summery but not too hot or stressful. A nice in-between :)

    Soup | UK Beauty Blog

  23. i hope June is a much better month for you and you fam :)
    the list sounds good! I really want to see maleficient too, and I've also been baking more muffin tops are saying maybe stop now hahah xx

  24. Help June! I am having a gd feeling about June, new changes, new adventures and hopefully sun! I just did a spring clean in my closets and room. I donated some stuff, some I gave it to my close friends and a bit I just put on a consignment store and I hope it will sale so I can get some cash! While cleaning and feeling free of so much things that are no longer needed are gone! Gd luck

  25. Ah sorry Josie, sounds like you've had a pretty tough month but my mum always says to me 'once you've had a good cry and let it all out you feel 10 times better' which normally always works for me haha! Hope June is fab for you! You blog is really awesome! X

  26. MyBeautysleuth Sarah2 June 2014 at 21:59

    I hope June is a better month always good to have goals to work towards x

  27. Sorry you have had a difficult month. Chin up china tomorrow's another day. Glad that you have made a list of things you would like to do Lucy x

  28. Aww, sometimes it's okay to feel sorry for yourself, we all have those moments when we just feel "down". I cry in a shower every once in a while haha :) And I'm usually a very positive person. I hope you feel a lot better both physically and emotionally and that June is a much brighter and happier month for you. <3


  29. Aw Josie, i've been reading your blog and it's horrible having such a hard time and your stories but a lot into perspective! You sound like a very strong girl and I'm glad your brother is at home and on the mend, wishing him a speedy feeling better! Leaving a job is always tough too, it's leaving your friends there too so it must be hard... But onwards ans upwards! Driving was the best thing I ever did, gave me so much freedom, get it done girl, you won't regret it :)

    Elisse x

  30. Ah Josie after everything you've been through I think you have every right to throw yourself a little pity party, but if all that crying makes you ill maybe throw it with a couple of my best friends... Bubbly and Chocolate, they love a good pity party ha ha! Hope you're feeling a bit better now and your happy list helps. I need one of those, it's always good to have things to focus on, especially things you enjoy :) xx

  31. Love this post! Maleficent is so good, you'll love it! xx

  32. I love reading lists like this! Hope you have some luck on the job front soon! x

    In Katies Corner

  33. It really does sound like May was a tough month for you. Here's hoping June is far far better. Good on you for turning your focus to you 'happy list'- it's not easy when you've been feeling low!
    Faye |

  34. Yay you like Sebastian Faulks too! Haven't read Birdsong yet, but Girl at the Lion D'or was good and I tried one recently that was about the city and how everyone's stories are interconnected. Just Googled it - it's called A Week in December x x

  35. Glad that your brother is out of hospital, hope he is back to normal soon! Cupcakes from the a box mix are the best kind of cupcakes I find

    Julia xxx

  36. I'm so, so sorry you've had such a rubbish time lately Josie, I think anyone trying to cope with all you've been through (me included) would not have coped at all, but instead you've once again show us how courage and strength never evades you, not even for a second. I love your constant positive vibe, and it's totally admirable and infectious! Am so glad your brother is at home recovering, that's such fantastic news.

    A happy list sounds absolutely wonderful, you go girl <3 I reckon easily you can achieve most or all of those things and I can't wait to hear more (:

    Sophie | soinspo xo


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