Three Months

So yes, as you might have gathered from the title I am three months post transplant this week! It's weird, it seems like I had it done yesterday but it also feels like it was ages ago. I've been home just over a month and all is going good, I didn't even have clinic this week as they've been changed to fortnightly visits now which is great! Three months also means a little more freedom so I celebrated by returning to my favourite place, the shops. I didn't even buy much, I was just so happy to be back in my natural habitat (also I've spent a bomb online recently, plus I got a new laptop eeek!)

My new pal at the park - still ordered duck for dinner though :'-(

I feel more like myself now, like I have so much more energy - physically I do but I still have a good way to go yet and have to make sure I rest a lot but also mentally. Maybe because I'm still buzzing that I have this new life or maybe this is how I was supposed to feel if crappy lungs didn't make me so tired and ill all the time. I feel like how I felt a couple of years ago, I can really tell just by reading blog posts from the time how much happier and carefree I was! I think being in hospital all the time and getting listed for transplant over the last year got me down more than I realised. But now life is SO good, the only way I can think to describe it as is freedom. I mean transplant isn't a cure, the rest of my body still has cystic fibrosis and I still take medication but just not being tethered to a blimmin' oxygen machine all the time is a huge deal! Yesterday I went to the park with Baby Florrie, she's nearly two and I don't think I've been able to do that with her properly before without getting too out of breath, having a coughing fit and throwing up lololol. But we played, I walked up mini hills and didn't have to sit and stop once so yes, it felt like freedom. Free as a bird! I'm just so happy.

I'll tell you how happy I am these days, on Friday night I went out to eat at a restaurant (first time post transplant!) and the waitress dropped a pot of salsa all over my beloved camel coat and even worse, INSIDE MY MULBERRY BAG. But I wasn't even mad, a state of shock maybe ;-), but there were no tears. Only from the poor waitress maybe, she was mortified. They said they'd pay for the coat dry cleaning but I'm more worried about the bag because it's all over the lining and I think it'll go mouldy which I don't think will be very good for these shiny new lungs of mine. So wish me luck when I go back there in the week with a whopper of a bill for that!

See, look at life now - the biggest problem I have is salsa on my bag!

P.S. There's a post on the NHS Organ Donation Facebook page about my transplant if you wanna check it out and also do a girl a favour and share pleeease to get as much awareness of organ donation as possible :-D

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