A Final Summer Look

I thought I'd squeeze in a final summer outfit while I still can, even though the weather is already going all autumnal on us. I like ankle boots and chunky knits as much as the next blogger but I will miss the sunny days and the chance to wear some of the perfect basics that I bought during the summer months, like these Holy Grail status shorts from Topshop and this little jacket from Primark. It was an emergency buy on an unexpectedly chilly day but has proved to be so useful and such a good fit too. 

topshop ashley denim shorts, asos ultimate crew neck t shirt

topshop ashley denim shorts, asos ultimate crew neck t shirt

Jacket Primark (alternative here)
Shorts Topshop
Shoes Converse

I don't think I'm *quirky* enough to really pull off pin badges but I had to buy 'The Underdog' by Zabby Allen as it was inspired by her rescue dog George. He was the longest resident at his rescue centre so 50% of the profits of this badge went back to that very same place to help the other doggos in need. It was a limited edition run so unfortunately, but also fortunately as it means lots of money was raised for the centre, they have all sold out but I wanted to link Zabby's shop anyway as she has loads of other cute things available and I also wanted to give a shoutout to a fellow South East London girl! 

Looking at these photos is a reminder to whack the fake tan on again! Can you recommend any cute, independent businesses? 

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