Style Diary #14

Recognise that white (and messy) room? I am home! Or rather I was. Went home thinking I'd save a bit of money but actually ended up spending like double, oopsie. After Reading Week I'm now back at uni and I didn't do a bloody thing during my time off so somehow have to cram it in today. These posts are a fun way to procrastinate though and also not totally unproductive so here's last week's Style Diary.


Coat M&S (alternative hereTop M&S (alternative here) Cords Zara (alternative here) Boots & Other Stories (alternative here)

I completely forgot I had this top so that was a fab discovery in my wardrobe when I got home! I really don't like this coat with these cords but had no other options as it's was bloody freezing. Monday was so cute, we had an early birthday meal for my aunt and a little wander around these gardens, I meant to go back and buy some cute little plants but I forgot. Ended the day with a trip to Hobbycraft which is always fun!

Tuesday & Wednesday

Coat Vintage via Depop Jumper Daisy Street (alternative here) Jeans Levi's Boots & Other Stories (alternative hereBag Mulberry

Wore the same thing two days in a row, my baaaad. Definitely taking these jeans back to uni with me, forgot how comfy they are! The coat was such a lucky find, I wanted a longer length trench that was also lined for winter and I found it for £20! It's so cosy too, I love it. I had CF clinic on Tuesday to check out how things are and see how CF diabetes is doing. Lung function is good (80%! Higher than it ever was with my old lungs!) and I seem to be keeping the diabetic side of things under control with carb counting and testing and injecting more so that's good, even though I had a blood test done there that showed my numbers had doubled within a couple of months when they should have gone down. Very confusing! But they were happy and said considering my blood sugars went nuts at the same time as starting uni and moving to a new town (typical, excellent CF timing!) they were pleased I'd kept it under control. But it makes sense to because you have to with things like that, health always has to come first otherwise you feel too rubbish to do anything else. And it may be annoying but that's just life. Although it's chilly, not to mention awkward, having to try and discreetly inject underneath layers especially if you're like me and in winter dress like Joey when he wears all of Chandler's clothes hahaha. Also have to try and not eat or drink really sugary things which is the biggest challenge as I don't drink alcohol often so on a night out my 'treat' is a Coke like the loser I am. I don't like Diet Coke now I don't know what to order at the pub haha! Everyone else at uni is off their heads on vodka redbulls and ecstasy and all I want is a fizzy drink but I'll be there with my bottle of water hahaha. Oh my geeky life. These are not really problems though, just things I find funny!


Coat Vintage via Depop Bag Accessorize Boots & Other Stories (alternative here

I wanted a round bag for ages, I included a Cos one in a wishlist before, so when I spied this in Accessorize I snapped it up straight away as I think it's so beautiful and the quality is great. I'm really fussy with bags but this seems well made and looks way more expensive than it was. I used being good at diabetes stuff as an excuse to buy it even though ironically it doesn't really fit all the diabetes stuff in I need to take out with me haha. But it's called the Joey bag so I kinda needed it! I love it and I think it looks so cute with the trench coat. 


Jacket Zara via Depop Jeans J Brand (alternative here) Boots Zalando (alternative here

On Friday CF arthritis really kicked my butt so I couldn't move but luckily it behaved itself by Saturday night so I could meet my friends for dinner and drinks which was so much fun! This jacket was another Depop find, sorry the lighting is so rubbish because it was the evening but I really wanted to show you it because look at that detail. You'll get a better look soon though, I'll be doing a post of everything I bought in October soon!


Coat Zara (alternative here) Jumper M&S Jeans J Brand (alternative here) Boots & Other Stories (alternative here) Bag Accessorize Scarf My mama's

I think this is the most colour I've worn in years! I'm really into these jewel tones right now and this jumper is a fab buy, pick one up if you can because they have a few lovely colours - the blue is on my wishlist! Do you remember this Zara coat, it was like £30 a few years back and everyone and their mama bought it. Mine is still going strong, even though I do need to sew a button back on...

Back to studying for me! And also no more clothes shopping for a month haha. I really liked this week's outfits, Saturday's may be my favourite because of the Jacket of Dreams! What about you? I hope you had a good week!

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