Blogmas #1: December Goals

I gots Christmas on the braaaain. Seriously I'm like a child, literally actually because I've spent the past hour trying to choose what Sylvanian family to get Baby Florrie. How those things passed me by as a child I do not know, they're so bloody cute! I got the cats but now I think I should have got the buns, wahhh. Florrie will like either, this is totally for my benefit when I come round to play with her toys hahaha. I'm completely digressing but that's because I have failed on all of my November Goals and just wanna skim past be fair I've been ill (woop to those cf and post-transplant problems!) and I've been sleeping every spare second away but honestly, it's like December has hit and I've sprung into action because Christmas is my JAM. I totally get it's a difficult time for so many people and we know it's materialistic etc etc - but for me it's about spending time with loved ones and I have so many fun memories of this time of year. After transplant it feels even more special and I'm so grateful to my donor for giving me another Christmas I wouldn't have had if it weren't for them (it goes without saying I think of them and their family even more so now.) So I have a few festive things I'd like to do this month and here they are:

1. Blogmas. Yah, from the girl who is the most inconsistent blogger but I have much uni work to do and what better way to procrastinate? Plus I very much like the idea of a non-glossy, casual, diary type blog so let's give that a go and not care about getting perfect photos or 'shareable' content and just enjoy it - not that this blog is very profesh, but hey ho. I always have more fun with it this way, for me it's a hobby and not something to stress about.

2. Go to Eltham Palace. I've lived like five minutes away from Eltham Palace for a few years now but still haven't actually been which  is ridic because it's a Tudor palace (Henry VIII grew up there) with an Art Deco interior and Florence and the Machine filmed Shake It Out there. Are these not all my favourite things?! At Christmas they do like a lights thing there which looks extremely pretty so it's a must see for me.

3. Go to a Christmas market. I missed a few of the Brighton ones because I was home ill but this weekend I'll hopefully be going. I wanna get me a mulled wine which I hate and something else that's stupidly overpriced but I will love it because Christmas.

4. Christmas crafts. I'll probably do a little cross stitch or something but I do want to make something Christmassy, Next year my aim is to make and sell cards again for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, I just need to make sure I start making them early on in the year!

What are your plans for December? I'll be trying to post daily from now on, but you know how I am - we shall see haha. Anyone else doing Blogmas? 

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