A Subtle & Glowy Party Look

 I don't often post beauty content on here but make up is something that I love and get hours of fun from! So I wanted to share a little face of the day with you, I plan on doing some individual posts on products as I've found some real crackers lately and also I thought it might be nice to document my cruelty-free journey on here. There are bloggers out there who do this much better than me (Beth is my fave!) but I'm enjoying finding new products and maybe you'd like to discover some new ones too or even better recommend me some! Obviously I'm no expert on beauty but here's some make up on my face anyway (just don't go taking any fake tan tips from me hahaha.)

I recently had all my hair hacked off because the different lengths meant I was looking like an awful version of Noel Fielding (weird and unexpected side effect of lung transplant drugs!) but it didn't help much so I've been mainly pinning my hair up or plonking a beret on my head and hoping for the best. It's in desperate need of some texture though so I've been curling it with a Hair Straightener to achieve this rather than an actual curler as I find this way the effect is a little messier and lived in. Also I straighten my fringe so can't be faffing around with two different appliances, I've already left my straighteners on one too many times! I'm always super inspired by the 1920s when it comes to hair and beauty and I'm obsessed with vintage photographs from the era like these ones here. Obviously completely into the Peaky Blinders women too, even if the hair and beauty department have taken some artistic license...they look especially amaze in the latest series though, I want someone to teach me how to do May Carleton's smokey eye please!

So I often like quite dark and vampy make up but lately, probably because it's Christmas, I've been going for more of a glowy, shimmery look thanks to some new products. First up is The Ordinary Foundation. This sells like hotcakes so if you see it in your shade bulk buy, which isn't too much of a stretch as it only costs SIX ENGLISH POUNDS. I saw Anna using it so naturally followed suit and I have no regrets. The Sleek i-Divine palette in Storm is something I've been getting a ton of wear from, the colours are stunning - it includes the best taupey brown but here I'm wearing the shimmery pink and burgundy which are colours that I really love playing around with. Finally, I have to mention Barry M's Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops in Beam Me Up. What. A. Gamechanger. I shall let the photo below speak for itself because DAYUM. 

As I said, I'll be doing individual reviews on these products as they're so good they're worth the effort but here's a quick preview if you like an idea of what they look like on. Definitely go and swatch some of the Barry M highlighters, they're perfect for any parties you might be going to this month (or for just admiring yourself in the mirror at home like me, lololol.)

What do you think of this look? Should I bother doing more posts like these or nah? 

*Post in collaboration with Panasonic but all
      opinions and questionable fake tan are my own* 

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