Hello, 2018!

Happy New Year gang! Been a little while innit? I hope you had a lovely evening whatever you did, we had our usual party but I was in my jimjams at 12:05 - the benefits of having a party at home, you get the best of both worlds. I am now eating chocolate yule log in bed, starting the year as I mean to go on.

It's kinda funny seeing everyone say how 2017 was a mixed bag - is every year not like that? That's life, no? Swings and roundabouts! It's cheesy but it's true that it's not about the cards you've been dealt but rather how you handle them. Nolite te bastardes carborundorum! However on a personal level it was the best year of my life. No matter what happens from now I'll always be grateful for 2017 because I feel like I was able to do more then than I have in my whole life and it's because someone and their family said yes to organ donation. I'll never take it for granted or stop banging on about it either! There's always an element of guilt and sadness but I think the best way to honour what they've done for me is to make the absolute most of it - people sign up to the register to help others live their best life so that's what I'm going to carry on doing. Pre transplant I said I wanted to go to Paris and I did (post on that coming soon!) I wanted to go out and dance like idiots with my pals and I did that also, with the ones that stuck by me when I was ill and also the many new friends I was able to meet last year. I get to have many conversations with Baby Florrie (who is now 3!) - we have lots of important discussions about cake and ice cream. I've not yet been back on Logger's Leap but that can be a fun plan for summer. I've also been to lots of gigs, geeked out at loads of museums and royal palaces, volunteered at a fashion museum, got into uni and moved to Brighton, I turned 24, I was on the TV and radio, I went back to Ireland, met a new bubba in the family and so many new people who I'd never have met. I made lots of extra memories with special people, read a lot of books, watched a lot of films and ate a lot of food. Probably too much cheese, if that were possible. No new year, new me I am still going to continue to eat my body weight in pasta and pizza. I absolutely love my life as it is, ta.

But I have a few little goals anyway, mainly because I'm obsessed with reading everyone else's and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Who cares if we don't tick off a big list, it's just nice to go into the new year with good intentions - especially because we're kicking off the year with a Monday which is so darn satisfying. There's nothing major I really want to change, I'd just like to continue with what I'm doing already with a few added extras!

1. Be more environmentally friendly. I've started already as I've gone veggie, don't use plastic bags and buy way more preloved clothing than I used to but there are still a few more changes I can make, such as using reusable coffee cups and ditching plastic straws. Small and easily doable! I feel like life is good to me so I'd like to be good to it back.

2. Have more adventures! I saw loads of new things last year and I want to do the same this year. There's so much to see and I want to see as much as I can and not waste any time.

3. Try and remember the side effects of medication. A weird one maybe, but for all the good meds do these new lungs they don't half fook up your brain too! It's a thin line, the one that balances my own emotions and ones caused by meds but I think I'm starting to work out what is what. There's so many other odd side effects too that take some getting used to but they're a small price to pay for life! But I'm finding ways to put up with them by adjusting things and ignoring others as there's nothing that can be done so there's no point in complaining.

4. Save some money. Ain't this all of us? But I've gone through my savings now (well done past me for saving for a rainy day, or as it turned out a stormy couple of years) and in order to have these adventures I need £££. But I've made a little plan so hopefully that'll work out or I'm fooked hahaha.

I'm sure there's more to add but that's enough for now! 

I hope you had a fab 2017! I'd love to know your New Year goals or better yet link me to your posts because I wanna read them! 

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