To My Valentine's

WELL. It's been a little while, sorry. Uni work and a wobbly brain has got in the way but there's been fun stuff too so it's not all been doom and gloom (although I sent my pals Valentines not realising we were no longer doing this now they have significant others so guess who feels like a loser now!) But it's fine, I bought some new dresses so whatevs. I spoke a bit last year about love  and mainly why you should love yo'self but I thought seeing as it's V*lentine's D*y I'd talk about the amazing gals in my life.

Friends, Old & New

I'll admit growing up I wasn't too fab at the friends thing. I had problematic friendships in my early teens (I'm sure I was no angel either though!) and as a result thought other girls where untrustworthy. How wrong was I? I met the loves of my life when I was 14 and ten years on we're still soul sisters even though we all live in different parts of the country. I love how we used to turn every outing into a mini photoshoot and we still do it now at the age of 24 haha. They were completely there when I had transplant, including many times where I don't even remember and I'll always love them for it <3

Since transplant I've been lucky enough to meet so many new people too since I got these new lungs, whether that's through transplant, the nights out I've been able to have, the volunteering I've been able to do or the lovely people I've met at uni. It's been so fab to make all these new memories! 


I don't have any sisters but I have the best aunts, cousins, nanny, sister in law and of course mama in the world. I'm really lucky to have such a big family (my nan is Irish so there's like a million of us) as well as amazing family friends that I consider family too. I know when people are ill and in hospital they don't always get the support they need from loved ones so it makes me appreciate them all the more. They're honestly the best ever and there's no way at all I'd have been able to deal with all the crap CF brings if it weren't for them. Especially my mum, who has always been there at every moment  - I'm so glad she can catch a bit of a break now from me and that we can spend more time shopping together rather than sitting in Lewisham Hospital for hours on end!

Baby Florrie

My fave little lady! Although she's not technically a baby now but she always will be to me. I'm so happy that organ donation has allowed me to spend more time being an auntie, I've been so lucky to see her grow up a bit more and have all these funny conversations and also serious discussions about ice cream and Italy. I can't wait for more games and singalongs and sleepovers! Although I feel like I may have to nip the Taylor Swift appreciation in the bud haha. 


Well this counts for all social media pals really. Some I've met in real life, others I haven't yet it still counts. I see a lot of people complain about the community but for me it's been 99% positive (it's actually super easy to avoid the drama, the unfollow/mute/block buttons are v handy!) In real life  never used to open up much about CF and I definitely still don't when it comes to *feelings* but it's great to know people are reading and not judging (at least I hope not haha!) It's made me feel more confident about discussing it in real life, I realise now that people probably aren't thinking I'm weird but instead they actually want to be a pal and be there for me. So thanks for being my friend, gal pals! 

I shall stop with the soppiness now. Happy Valentine's to all the girls and boys too, I love you all! And I love wine also :)

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