Ninety Nine Red Balloons

Jacket All Saints
Denim Gap (alternative here)
Shoes Topshop (alternative here)
Bag South Beach (alternative here)

Panic bells it's red alert.

Or just two balloon sleeves that I'm obsessing over, as well as all things square neck. This top was less than a tenner and I love it, I felt vaguely like one of those Reformation babes when I wore it. Until I ate that is, as you can see I can barely squeeze into this so I had no business taking this out for dinner. I ate vegan too in the hope that wouldn't happen but it turns out vegan pasta is equally as carby as regular pasta. Maybe it is regular pasta, I don't know. Either way I scoffed the whole bowl and afterwards felt less like an instagram honey and more like I'd eaten all the honey like Winnie the Pooh in his little red crop top. 

Nevermind, because he's cute too. That was the least of my worries anyway because we went for drinks afterwards and guess who got too drunk and ended up calling a pro-lifer on twitter a fucking moron? But I'd say it again, I've always been pro-choice and always will be. To vote no or say 'let's agree to disagree' means you have the privilege to say so. The outcome of the referendum means you're either going to be feeling smug or pissed off, either way you can continue living your life as normal whereas a no outcome is catastrophic for so many women. People are ignoring the economic, personal and/or health circumstances someone might have, but also a woman shouldn't be forced to go through with a pregnancy that she doesn't want to have for any reason - it is barbaric to put anyone through that. Abortions have and always will happen, a vote won't change that. What it will do is ensure they are done safely and I struggle to see why anyone wouldn't want that. Let's hope Ireland makes the right decision today. 

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