The Perfect Summer Top

Top Zara
Jeans GAP (alternative here)
Bag South Beach (alternative here)
Shoes My mama's
Earrings Next(!)

Other than the fact it keeps falling down.

It's true, it does. In the course of five hours I flashed a date, everyone at London Bridge and a tour group at Southwark Cathedral. By even my standards this was a lot of embarrassment to endure in such a short amount of time. To make it worse yesterday was really windy so the bib bit at the front kept flapping in my face. However, when I was sitting still it did not do either of those things and looked very pretty indeed, which is why I have made the bold claim of declaring it The Perfect Summer Top* (*when moving in any way is not required.) At least one good thing I always feel like my shoulders are rather broad but they cannot keep this on which makes them feel smaller, so silver linings and all that hey?

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