Chuck It In The Fuck-It Bucket

Some pretty flowers to counteract the swearing

I've seen posts before about creating a 'Fuck Budget', most brilliantly done by Vix Meldrew having been inspired by Sarah Knight's The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck. However, I have not read the book. Instead I have been influenced by the source of most sparks of genius - the group chat. Usually what gets said there stays in the safety of Whatsapp (or relative safety - ain't no trusting Mark Zuckerberg) but this was such a straightforward but truly life altering piece of advice I feel compelled to share. It's by no means a new concept but it's effective and most importantly was given me to one of the most positive and bloody hilarious people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing so I feel it holds some weight. I was upset about something that felt like a big deal and after letting off steam in the chat she simply said, unpretentious, to the point and with a laugh:

"Chuck it in the Fuck-It Bucket."

This is my kind of ~inspirational~ quote and one I'll forever be grateful for. It makes so much sense, it's so redundant worrying about things or other people's actions that you have no control of. The only thing to do is shrug it off and move on. There's no point wasting energy that could be spent more usefully having fun or focusing on your own goals or spending time with the people who do give a damn. 

Bearing that in mind, here's a list of a few things I've chucked in the fuck it bucket lately (I'll stop swearwording now, sorry!)

People who aren't interested. Be it friends, potential love interests, employers, followers - if they don't wanna know, they don't wanna know. I used to torture myself wondering if it was me and my personality that put people off or if it was the 'baggage' that comes along with CF and transplant. Maybe it's both but there's really not anything I can do about either of them, so there's zero point stressing about it because there are plenty of special people who accept everything about me. They're the ones that matter.

Vodka. I have been allergic to it since transplant, I don't know why. I miss it but just have to accept it doesn't like me as much as I like it so it's goodbye, in the bin. 

People who put your passions down. Ooh these people are The Worst. I get it very often, having such an interest in social media and doing a degree in fashion and dress history means people think it's acceptable to tell me they're irrelevant things. They're not to me and that's what matters so I no longer care about their *irrelevant* opinions. Life can be tough and we all need our escape from the pressures and horrors of the world sometimes and if you're lucky enough to have found that then you must hold onto it. 

Not being an early riser. If I get up early it's usually because I haven't been to sleep at all the night before because I am all about that insomniac life apparently. I feel like there's a lot of pressure to be a #GirlBoss, killing it from 6am after a gym session and watching the sunrise and drinking a smoothie. My brain doesn't function before 11am and I just can't change it no matter how much I've tried. I am a Night Owl and that is that. 

Organisation. I'm so scatty and last minute much to the annoyance of everyone else, I want to work on my timekeeping in order to keep my friends but when it comes to writing, be it for work or blogging, I feel my best, most honest and original pieces are the unplanned ones. There seems to be some kind of method in the madness that's doing it for me so why change it? Although new stationery is always appealing...

Wanky ~creatives~ (you may want to see my previous post for context.)

I'm very sure I could add so much to this list because honestly, once you start it's v hard to stop. Quite the addictive process, Marie Kondo-ing your life (although that method can too get in the bin because those folding techniques are not practical and I'm not prepared to part with any of my shoes even if I haven't worn some of them since 2010.) I recommend you give it a try - what would you chuck in the fuck-it bucket?

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