Walking on Sunshine

Sun's out, puns out.

I've decided not to address the fact I haven't even logged onto Blogger since my last post and just jump straight in. I questioned briefly whether anyone would even read it but then decided not to overthink. Why should I? This blog is not my career, it's something purely for me which is the nicest feeling. If anything I can read it and look back on fond memories or at least indulge in a large dose of narcissism. 

But! A basic catch up - I'm still living in Brighton, about to go into third year of uni, working and volunteering a little, spending and going out more than I should, three years on from getting these new lungs. I am mostly very, very happy because I think I have accepted that the odd wobble post transplant is just my new normal. Freddydog is still doing well also, just going a little deaf, but I think it's selective hearing because he can still somehow hear you open a packet of biscuits from a mile away.

Anyway I'm still wearing the same things I always wear, but I wanted to show you these new shoes because they're kinda ugly on but equally glorious because they feel like slippers and the colour is v cheery. If you're wondering how I kept this outfit so clean, I didn't. I mean, have you seen my mirror? 

T Shirt | M&S
Jeans | H&M (similar here)
Shoes | M&S
Earrings | H&M (similar here)

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