A Saturday Night Look

I was perhaps a tad overdressed...

...but you know how it is when you have a new dress that you really want to wear? I had planned to wear it to a wedding until someone pointed out it was white so I panicked and bought the most multicoloured dress I could find. Wedding guest etiquette is a mine field! I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. Although I think it's probably less about colour and more about just dressing nicely and not turning up looking scruffy. So in hindsight this probably would have been totally fine but nevermind because it meant I got to buy two dresses. It's beautiful and deserves nicer photos than a dusty mirror in a messy bedroom but ya know, I like to keep it real. 

This lil' dream is from H&M (it's in the sale but be quick as it's selling out fast) and the earrings are H&M also that I bought recently in-store but can't seem to find online - these are quite similar though! The shoes are Mango from two summers ago and the bag is last year's from South Beach that I've noticed is in the sale now. Occasionally bits fall off of it and it can get caught in things, which I think is the case for most basket bags, but it's served me well as it's been designated as my Going Out bag for the past two summers and is still going strong! Some people don't understand it but those people are not our people.

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