A New Place.

Third time lucky...

...as house number three isn't as grim as my previous two dwellings. We managed to find a place in Brighton with no mould, which is a miracle I tell you! There were a few issues that had to be sorted but I'm already so happy here. The past couple of houses I lived in were quite frankly horrendous so it's very reassuring to be somewhere I feel relaxed in, from both a health point of view and also just generally. I'm no longer worried that the walls are going to cave in or that the floorboards are going to give way (!) which will make for a better environment to both work in and enjoy, I'm sure you will agree. 

There are pieces I need to get still, such as a little bedside table, some extra storage and a chair (because every room needs The Chair to dump stuff on, amirite?) as well as some fun decorative things like prints, plus I have a whole empty shelf to style. I'm thinking to get some baskets or a trunk type thing to store extra blankets in and I was going to get a print for the brick wall but now I'm not sure if it'll make it too busy...what do you think? As I'm of an age where homeware excites me I'll probably update you with any new bits, but in the meantime this is what it's looking like currently, although I've already rearranged the rail so it's looking a lot neater. Also, be rest assured that I've kept the less pretty things like the bags for life way out of shot. (This post reminds me that I really need to dig my proper camera out more often because I forgot how fun it is to play with!)

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