10 things i've learnt (and 5 things i haven't) this decade.

It's the start of a new decade...

...so naturally I'm feeling a little reflective. I can't deny that the past 10 years have been pretty wild - the first half was when my health took a real nose dive and I found myself in hospital more than I was out of it and I was relying more and more on drugs and machines to stay alive. Then almost halfway through, in 2016, I got my new lungs and I've experienced a better quality of life than I'd ever even dared to dream of. There's been plenty more that's happened but they're not just my stories to tell so I won't be talking about them here. But although I'm not a NYE fan at all, it's fair to say that life has taught me a lot over the past decade so I thought I'd share:

And then there's also the things I have yet to learn:

Happy New Year to you! Hope the 20's are roaring. xxx

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