what i bought in january.

New Year, New Wardrobe...

...which isn't ideal, I know. But I have two things to say, the first is that in January I don't impose any limits on myself if I don't *have* to. It's bleak enough as it is! Secondly some of us had a very good Christmas ok and a lot of things no longer fit so needed replacing (and on that note, I'm the healthiest weight I've ever been and  it's without any extra medical help so I'm extremely happy!) I think I'm largely done with my wardrobe now, I built it up over the last few years and especially when I was too ill to leave my bed or hospital so now has been the time for outside adventures. I'm not saying I won't buy anything else now (as if) and there's one or two things I'd like to add but on the whole I'm really happy in my style and I know how I want to dress. But these are the new January additions.

The first are these jeans, they were a Depop find but were originally ASOS Tall. I'm struggling to style them now as they're so high-waisted but I'm looking forward to wearing them in the warmer months with just a plain white tee. I also got black pair of the Sienna Straights from M&S because they look almost like a trouser so they're a bit smarter than black skinnies. I have them in blue too because they're so comfortable.

This waffle top from Uniqlo is something I've been living in lately, it's such a good buy. Sitting somewhere between a jumper and a tee, it's super cosy and the texture makes it that bit more interesting. I bought the cream because I thought that colour looked more modern than the others, but it comes in quite a few different shades. I like jumpers to be a little oversized so usually go up a size or two or even three but with this I got my usual as it's already quite baggy. 

Now we have something old and something new, the old being Gap black linen shirt from Depop which has been on my wishlist since last summer and I know it'll work hard in my wardrobe. The next is a simple blue shirt from H&M and my old one is a bit too small as I like them quite oversized. A blue shirt has been a wardrobe staple of mine for years so I'm happy to have one back in my life!

Finally, the pièce de résistance -  this Topshop coat. It was kind of a gamble, part of me thinks it's quite 'studenty' but equally I felt that the colour elevates it and makes it look smarter. But I still have to be weary of how I style it because it's in danger of looking scruffy on me which I just can't pull off. But I'm loving it with the aforementioned black jeans right now! It's from the Considered range, which I know is greenwashing but this item in particular is great because it's reversible. I've showed it both ways but personally I'm only going to wear it with the corduroy on the inside because I think it looks more grown up and it has front pockets too. It's not a throw on with anything kind of coat, it looks best with a chunkier shoe like an ankle boot and also weirdly with my hair tied up but I'm pleased I got it because it's bloody freezing in Brighton and this is keeping me very cosy. It's oversized, I'm between an 8 and a 10 so I got the 10 because I think it looks better a bit too big than a bit too small. 

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