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I'd been after a decent highlighter for a long time and after being so impressed with No7's Instant Radiance Foundation I thought I'd try out their offering. Unlike so many others I'd swatched this isn't too glittery and in your face, I really hate when it's too glaringly obvious and unnatural. But it's not so subtle that it's barely noticeable on my ghostly skin, it's flattering in a quiet way in you get what I mean. A boy at work said I looked all glowy like an angel and if that ain't a compliment for a product then I don't know what is! Due to it's creamy texture it lasts for ages, work was actually the ultimate test for longevity. After a hectic Saturday in a very warm flagship store on Oxford  Street where I basically spent the whole 8 hours like this it still didn't rub off at all and stayed as perfect by midnight as it was when I applied it at 10am that morning. Shame the rest of me couldn't stay so composed (I'm talking 'bout you, fringe.) Application is also super easy, the tube twists to push up more product and then I just roll it on easily (it doesn't drag your skin) and pat in a little with my fingers. 

It was so hard to capture it's loveliness on camera but hopefully you can see the subtle sheen on my cheekbones and bridge of my nose...I guess a before and after photo may have been helpful! 

I've really been liking No7 recently, I don't really rate their eye, lip or nail products but when it comes to the base I think they're fab! Have you tried this highlighter? What are your favourite No7 products?

Josie x


  1. You do look gorgeous and glowy! What a compliment from a boy haha :) I'm not usually a fan of the dewy look but yours is more subtle than most I see, it doesn't look too shiny it just makes you look very healthy! I tried the No 7 primer and didn't get on with it at all, but the face wipes are the best! It's a shame they're £7 a pack, so far I've always just stocked up whenever I get a £5 off skin care voucher but since my current and last pack is dwindling I'm seriously considering forking out the £7! They have 30 in a pack so that's like a whole month which I guess isn't too bad! Xxx

  2. Beautiful photo Josie. Your complexion looks incredible!

    I adore glowy skin, ADORE it. (I'm actually writing up my dewy skin post as we speak!)

    Although I haven't got this myself every time I swatch it, I'm super tempted by it. I have a recommendation for you re: No 7 products! Their lip colour in Gay Geranium. It's a bright orangey/red and is perfect for summer. Such a great alternative to NARS red square (which is perfection!!)


  3. It does look very ethereal and glowy indeed! Thanks for the review, Josie x

  4. It looks gorgeous! I'm really picky about highlighters but this one really looks gorgeous and does look really glowy! I'm using a topshop highlighter at the moment and I love it

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

  5. Ooooh Josie! I'm liking that A LOT but I think I need a pinkish one for my skin tone? Hmmm. I'm always jealz of your perfect skin.

    Tara x

  6. This looks so good on you:) We do have this brand here, but haven't really tried it yet. Will definitely check some out next time I go to our drugstore.

  7. I love your flawless skin Josie! Also, the pants you just posted on IG <3 xx

  8. Oh, you can definitely see a lovely glowy effect! Really pretty! xxx

  9. Oh wow this sounds like a superhero product without a doubt! Such a sweet compliment too from a boy, and I definitely agree it looks super gorgeous on your skin (: Can't believe it's longevity, and for the price too, when so many more expensive products barely last that long.

    Am definitely going to consider purchasing this now, am sold! ;-)

    Sophie xo

  10. This sounds lovely, you look all healthy and glowy! I've only ever used a nail polish of theirs and I really liked it at first, but it dried up pretty quickly xx

  11. Ooh, that looks amazing! I've seen this reviewed a few times but not on, and seeing it on you is making me want to buy it NAO. x x x

  12. Ooh Josie, your skin looks lovely, I am so trying out that highlighter.
    Thankfully I have plenty of Boots points to spend and a boots around the corner :)

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  13. Oh wow Josie, I definitely notice the radiant glow, looks natural and dewy! Wishing you a fruitful week ahead hun!

  14. Wow! So glowy and pretty, it looks really nice on you. I have pretty oily skin, so I usually skip highlighter ahaha, but I might double up on the powder and put something like this on to get that dewy-but-not-oily thaaang going on ;) xx

  15. This looks absolutely gorgeous on you! I've been looking for a highlighter for a while but haven't yet found anything I love (I'm also pretty pale which always seems to make things a little more complicated!). I'll definitely be checking this out next time I'm in Boots :)

    Kasia's Beauty Diary

  16. Ohh you look so glowy and beautiful! <3

    Jennie xo |

  17. Looks gorgeous - I wish I had your cheekbones!!! Will definitely need to give this highlighter a go. I really like their foundations I completely agree with you I don't think their lip products are anything special.

    Have a lovely day xx

  18. I love the No7 foundations, especially their Natural one (can't remember exactly what it's called haha) but this product sounds great! Creamy highlighters without glitter or too much shimmer are always nicer . Looking lovely as usual :) xx


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