Blogmas #2 & #3: uni week #10

Way too many hashtags in that title. What a joke I am, I failed at Blogmas on day two - this is surely a new record for me? But in my defence I had the worst migraine yesterday. Sometimes I feel like whenever I say I'm going to do something, especially blogging related, my body is like 'Nope!' I definitely jinx myself haha. But anyway, it's been a while since I've done a uni update so here's the latest although not much has gone on.

Or maybe it has and I just can't remember? It's gone by super quickly, I know that much! I went home for Reading Week last month but was home for two weeks as I got ill, since I've got back it's mainly been about trying to catch up with work which has been mega tiring. But the uni was on strike so I had five days off, woop. I went back to London to see The Killers, it was one of the best nights everrrr. As a kid I was very into Pink and Christina Aguilera haha but then when I was about 11/12 Hot Fuzz came out and I guess that kind of set the tone to the kind of music I still like now. So they're a bit of a special band to me and they were on My List of things to do post transplant so I'm happy that that's another dream ticked off! Plus Brandon Flowers came out halfway through in a sequin suit and I nearly died hahaha. Just love him. 

I also went to the British Library with my twin to see the History of Magic. This was good because me and my brother never really do anything and also even though I'm not the biggest Harry Potter fan I really loved it! It was more about the 'real' folklore etc that inspired the lessons at Hogwarts and whatnot, so it had ancient books on display and a lot about divination, witchcraft and all that fun stuff. I'd never been to the British Library before and we also popped by to see Platform 9 and 3/4 as I'd not seen that either so that was quite cool. 

I've neglected my list of fun stuff lately to be honest, I think uni has taken over recently and also the cold weather just makes me want to hibernate! But it's not really an excuse, I like to try different experiences and during the summer I was really good at actually going out and doing things so I just need to stick a hat on my head and brave it. But first, I have two essays to write, two presentations to prepare and a bunch of lecture notes to write up. And I still think Blogmas is a wise idea hahaha.

Have you been up to anything fun lately? Do let me know if there's anything in London you think I should check out! 

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